TI12 is well on its way and features the best in Dota 2, but some teams have cemented themselves as the favorites to win The International.

The International is Dota 2's biggest event of the year, and features the best teams from around the globe. Of course, each team has earned a place to fight for the coveted Aegis of Champions, but even so, some teams are favorites to win the tournament due to their performance over the past couple tournaments as well as during the Road to the International. Here's our breakdown of the favorites to win The International 2023, TI12

Gaimin Gladiators

Despite starting off The International 2023 Playoffs in the lower bracket, Gaimin Gladiators are still one of the most feared and favorite teams at TI12. Suffering a reverse sweep to Talon Esports during the seeding deciders match, Gaimin is set to face off against Evil Geniuses come the start of the Main Event. Earlier this DPC season, Gaimin went on a record-breaking five tier one tournament wins in a row. So despite the rough start to the main event, Gaimin has still one of the biggest targets on their back and is a favorite to win The International

Tundra, Last Year's Champs

You can't count last TI winners out. Despite a mid-season roster change, the new mid for Tundra is the two-time TI-winner Topson. Which is arguably the best roster addition available. Finishing 7-1 in their group, Tundra has been looking incredibly strong and have become a favorite at TI12. Not only are all their original players playing in peak form, but Topson is up to his old tricks. Dominating the mid lane with unique hero choices like Pugna and crushing games with it.

LGD Gaming, The Chinese Favorite of TI12

The titans of the Chinese Dota 2, LGD Gaming dominated the China region during the DPC. They have become a favorite to win The International 2023. Last year, due to some roster changes LGD had lost their iconic players and Aster became China's dominant force. However, LGD rebuilt. Stronger than ever with three new players: Shiro, 项羽 and planet. And since their addition, LGD have been dominating. Topping their group with an impressive 7-1, with only one loss to Virtus Pro. Regardless, LGD have come back in full swing and are a the fan favorites of Chinese Dota 2 fans.

(Image via LGD Gaming)
(Image via LGD Gaming)

Team Spirit, The Undefeated of The Road to The International

Despite a rocky start to the year, Team Spirit have hopped back on the saddle and have taken the metaphorical horse into high gear. The previous TI champs topped their group without a single loss which impressed the Dota community a s a whole and have cemented themselves as a favorite at The International. Not only do the team's signature heroes coincide with the emerging meta, but Yatoro's carry hero pool is endless and can find something to play in any draft.

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