TI12’s Compendium Bingo game paid out less than 1,000 points to most players this past weekend after an underwhelming performance from the feature.

The International 2023’s Compendium’s Bingo feature has drawn criticism after underperforming this past weekend. The TI12 Playoffs Bingo square, which covered matches between Oct. 20 and Oct. 22, woefully delivered on prizes leading to Compendium owners complaining about the lack of Points payout.

This is due to just a fraction of the potential Bingo squares being filled. Many Players reported just 1,000 Points being earned from the Bingo, or in many cases, none at all, as lines were incomplete. Over half a dozen posts were made on Reddit complaining about the issues, with the top rated one calling it “pathetic.”

A Playoffs Bingo card (Screenshot by esports.gg)
A Playoffs Bingo card (Screenshot by esports.gg)

The issue links to last week's Bingo for the Road to the International Group Stage, which saw the majority of people get a full card or close to it. This essentially gave Compendium owners 12 levels for free.

A Group Stage Bingo card  (Screenshot by esports.gg)
A Group Stage Bingo card (Screenshot by esports.gg)

This week, Compendium owners have earned on average one level from the Bingo, making it incredibly underwhelming.

What’s wrong with TI12 Compendium Bingo?

The Compendium Bingo works pretty simply. You’re given a random Bingo card, and each square is a stat, such as “All members have Aghanim’s Shard 0/12” or “Three for Three, three triple kills a game 0/2.” When those stats are completed, you earn a square. Earn a line of five squares, and you’ll receive 1,000 points, and another level on your Compendium. Except this week, almost no one  

The issue comes down to simple math. The Group Stage Bingo drew from the results of over 120 matches, while the Playoffs drew from just 12 series. As a result, the chances of winning were massively lowered. 

It seems Valve massively underestimated their stats in the first weekend of TI12, while similarly overestimating them in the second. The result is two incredibly extremes, neither of which are ideal.

With one weekend left and one final Bingo card for TI12, Compendium owners and Valve will be hoping the old adage “third time’s the charm” comes true. With any luck we’ll find ourselves with a few extra Compendium Levels as The International comes to an end. 

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