Amidst speculations, Valve confirms two individuals are tested COVID positive at TI10. Extra precautions are active to ensure safety of everyone present at the venue.

We are far into TI10 as the fourth day of the Main Event concluded. Valve recently revealed that they detected two COVID-19 positive cases at the event. Identities were not disclosed and TI10 will continue to take place as planned, but Valve will take extra precautions from now on.

Valve confirms speculations of COVID cases at TI10

TI10 Panel suddenly wearing face masks sparked speculations of Covid cases.
TI10 Panel suddenly wearing face masks sparked speculations of Covid cases.

Today the hosts and panelists of TI10 oddly started to wear masks and a lot of people were wondering about the sudden change. Previously, it wasn’t mandatory, however, due to the sudden appearance of face masks on the stream, a lot of people speculated on COVID-19 cases at TI10.

Valve then released an official statement, confirming the speculations.

“As part of our daily testing protocol, we have discovered two confirmed positive covid cases. As a result those individuals have been isolated.”


Valve also announced that close contacts of the COVID-19 positive individuals are in isolation for safety precaution. A daily testing protocol will continue to take place as Valve assures stricter precautions.

“All members of the event continue to have daily testing, and we are taking extra precautions to ensure the safety of everyone participating in the event.”


Previously, a few days before TI10 took place a couple of participants were affected by COVID-19. Both Team Aster and Invictus Gaming members had to isolate themselves before the event started and fortunately, everyone recovered in time. We hope the individuals affected have a speedy recovery and for everyone at TI10 to stay safe.

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