The Singapore Indoor Arena goes crazy for Gaben’s TI11 finals appearance cover image

The Singapore Indoor Arena goes crazy for Gaben’s TI11 finals appearance

Gaben’s appearance at the TI11 finals delighted fans, even if not all is forgiven just yet.

After the crushing disappointment of missing Gabe Newell during playoffs, fans at the Singapore Indoor Arena went crazy for Gaben's video at TI11. The Valve founder finally made his traditional introduction by welcoming all the fans at the event and in person to The International 2022.

In a remote recording, the Valve figurehead and leader let fans know that this year there'd been some good Dota and some bad Dota, but that it was fantastic to see fans back in person events and enjoying Dota 2.

The video was something short of an in-person visit to Singapore, but for the ravenous fans at the SIA, that didn't matter. They cheered for the patron-saint of Dota 2, as if all was clearly forgiven.

A TI11 redeemed by Gaben and a great finals?

Overall, The International 2022 Finals opening ceremony was definitely a crowd-pleaser. The place exploded as the players walked out, flanked by pyrotechnics and booming intros. THIS was The International experience that fans at home and in the arena had been looking for. After perhaps failing to deliver with their Suntec Arena set up, the SIA stage is incredible.

While there are still no sound-proof booths, the setup seems designed to perfectly engage the crowd. A remarkable feat to take what had been a sour note for some, and with two masterstrokes, free Arcanas, and a revitalized arena experience.

It would be naive to quickly forget the issues of TI11 so far, but for the average fan, a Gaben appearance and some free cosmetics will quickly heal most wounds. And if the high standard of Dota this event will for many dwarf even the most egregious of issues. is reporting live from The International 2022 finals. Stay tuned to our page and socials for more updates and insights.