The NADCL returns for a fourth season with a brand-new format cover image

The NADCL returns for a fourth season with a brand-new format

The North American Dota Challengers League (NADCL) is premiering a new, innovative format for Season 4 of the league.

Everyone is always talking about steps to improve North American Dota, and now a league is pushing to make a real difference in the region: The North American Dota Challenger’s League (NADCL) is returning for a fourth season, as announced today (August 3) by release, but with a few changes.

For one, the league’s commitment to creating a fair and dynamic environment is fostering a better attitude to competitive play and community spirit. And with the new redrafting format, players can gain experience with a variety NA Dota talent, creating connections and sowing the seeds of new teams down the road. Wondering exactly what that means? Here’s the details:

New Format for NADCL Season 4

(Image via NADCL)
(Image via NADCL)

The league initially runs between August 3-5 and August 10-12, where players will be able to queue up on FACEIT to be matched up against other players hoping to participate in the league. Any player who completes at least ten games will be eligible for the Player Draft, which is set for August 15.

Then, the eight teams will draft six players (five and a substitute). Supporters will vote on which players to draft and roster changes throughout the season. There are 144 players in the initial pool, and even if you’re not one of the 48 players drafted, you can still be drafted in a later tournament.

These drafted teams will then participate in single-elimination tournaments with a $1000 prize pool and a double elimination Grand Final for $2000, plus any crowdfunding for the tournament prize pool.

After each individual tournament, 1-4 players from each team will be redrafted, sending them to different teams, and making it so that players and teams must constantly adapt! 

Supporters can try to “lock-in” players they want to keep in the teams they support by purchasing supporters packs and voting. Once you're a team supporter, you can choose to allocate "Gobble-Ups" (a prize for finishing highly in the tournaments) to select to not be redrafted!

Here’s some of the key dates:

NADCL Season 4 Key Dates:

(Image via NADCL)
(Image via NADCL)
  • Player Combine: August 3, 4, 5, 10, 11, and 12, from 6 p.m. ET until 3 a.m. ET the following day.
  • Player Draft: Scheduled for August 15. To be eligible, players must complete a minimum of 10 games during the Player Combine.
  • Single Elimination Tournaments: For drafted players, these will take place on August 17-19, August 24-26, and August 31-September 2.
  • Grand Finals: A double-elimination tournament is scheduled for September 7, 8, 9, 14, 15, and 16.

How to support the NADCL?

With this unique format, the best way to support is to head to to purchase a supporter pack for your chosen team. Then join the Discord to unlock your role-gated perks.

You can watch the NADCL every day on the Twitch stream and NADCL YouTube.

And for updates and more, keep your eyes locked on the NADCL TikTok and Twitter!