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The most searched Dota 2 player in 2023 revealed

Find out the top 20 most searched Dota 2 players on Liquipedia!

Every year, the Dota 2 community has its favorites. Take it to the early days of Dota 2 and it might have been Dendi. Moving to 2017, it might have been Miracle-. But who grabs the crown for the most searched Dota 2 player for 2023?

Yatoro is the most searched Dota 2 player of 2023

(Image via Valve)
(Image via Valve)

Liquipedia recently revealed a list of the most searched personalities in the Dota 2 sphere on its website. At the top of the list, 20-year-old Illya "Yatoro" Mulyarchuk leads the way. The carry player for Team Spirit has undoubtedly made waves since his first TI victory in 2021. But last year, especially, Yatoro was the talk of Dota 2 town - the matter of the moment.

Yatoro attracted a lot of attention due to his exceptionally great skills and smart decision-making. He plays Dota 2 confidently and precisely. At TI12, Yatoro was consistent and achieved great stats. He reached the highest kill average, GPM average, XPM average, tower damage, longest godlike spree, and many more. He’s the perfect carry player and it can be said that everyone agrees with this sentiment. 

While fans admire Yatoro, pro players respect him. In a The International 12 (TI12) interview segment, pro players were asked, “You are allowed to ban one player, who would it be?” And the vast majority answered Yatoro.

Yatoro’s booming popularity likely came in the latter half of 2023, when him and his team finally found their footing. Team Spirit had a rocky start to the year, barely reaching the top of tournaments. They finished in the top 8 at the Lima Major and top 12 in both the ESL One Berlin Major and the Bali Major. But Team Spirit’s form would drastically improve, with triumphant runs in three consecutive tournaments at the end of 2023. This includes a second The International victory for the team and the young carry player.

Team Spirit's tournament results in the latter half of 2023.<br>(Screenshot via
Team Spirit's tournament results in the latter half of 2023.
(Screenshot via

Who are the most searched Dota 2 players of 2023

  • Yatoro
  • Quinn
  • Miracle-
  • Topson
  • Larl
  • SumaiL
  • Ame
  • RAMZES666
  • ATF
  • Arteezy
  • Dyrachyo
  • Ace
  • N0tail
  • t0fu
  • Nisha
  • Miposhka
  • Pure
  • Collapse
  • Nightfall

In 2023, a couple of new names enter the most popular list. While in 2022, Yatoro was seated at rank 19, he climbs to the top position in 2023. Following behind Yatoro is North America’s Quinn, who is the current midlaner of Gaimin Gladiators. He's also notoriously known for his on-stream and pubs shenanigans.

(Image via Starladder)
(Image via Starladder)

Surprisingly, Miracle- sits at number 3 on the list. The legendary player was inactive throughout 2023. He only emerged back into the pro scene seven days before the year ended. Despite his lengthy hiatus, Miracle- is undoubtedly popular and his return might have spawned a wave of excited supporters clogging Liquipedia. This goes the same for Ame who just announced his return in late 2023. The Chinese star is the eight player on the most searched list.

The rest of the list are dominated by Team Spirit and players of Gaimin Gladiators. We also see a ton of popular names still making it onto the list even without a dominant performance in 2023. This includes SumaiL, Arteezy, and Topson. Nonetheless, these players have a strong legacy that continues to attract fans and players worldwide.

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