Team Spirit has gone undefeated at The International 2023 so far. They are looking incredibly strong heading into phase 2 of the group stage.

TI12's Road to the International stage featured four groups of five teams duking it out for a spot at The International's Main Event. Group A featured Team Spirit, Entity, 9Pandas, Evil Geniuses and Team SMG, but coming out on top with a clear margin was Team Spirit who went undefeated. The team finished with a score of 8-0 in their group, a feat no other team achieved.

Team Spirit remain undefeated at The Road to The International

Group A of The Road to The International was nothing to scoff at. Both Entity and Team SMG who came from their respective regions' regional qualifiers as well as 9Pandas and Evil Geniuses had their eyes of Team Spirit. However, Team Spirit had a target on their back since winning DreamLeague Season 21 and Riyadh Masters 2023. But despite the massive target, Team Spirit went undefeated in their group at The International 2023.

Group A standings of The International 2023 (Via <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">Twitter</a>)
Group A standings of The International 2023 (Via Twitter)

Among their various matches, Team Spirit have embraced the developing meta while also remaining close to their roots. Larl tended to stick to his Kunkka and Invoker, while Collapse experiments with the new meta offlaners, Spirit Breaker and Bristleback. On the other hand, Yatoro, jsut plays whatever he is feeling that game because of his ever expanding hero pool.

Now, Team Spirit heads to Phase Two of The International Group Stage, the Seeding Decider. This phase of The International sets the stage for the main event. Whether teams will start the tournament in the upper or lower bracket. Whether they'll have a cushion to experiment and try new strategies in the upper bracket or face the fear of getting eliminated.. Team Spirit is set to face off in a best-of-three against North America's finest, Shopify Rebellion for an upper bracket spot.

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