BetBoom Dacha tournament might be some of the teams’ final event before TI.

Team Spirit has announced its withdrawal from the Betboom Dacha Dota 2 tournament. The event organizers are yet to announce a replacement for the Riyadh Masters winners.

Team Spirit drops out of BetBoom Dacha Dota 2 tournament

The BetBoom Dacha is a $250,000 Dota 2 tournament that takes place in September. Over the course of two days starting September 9, eight Dota 2 teams will compete in what may their final event before TI. Initially announced with Team Spirit, Gaimin Gladiators, and more as hallmark participants, the event will now have to find a replacement for Team Spirit.

Team Spirit announced today it is unable to attend the BetBoom Dacha Dota 2 event with its full roster. As such, the org made the decision to drop out of the event altogether.

Team Spirit won the $15 million Riyadh Masters 2023 claiming a whopping $5 million for themselves. The team took down Team Liquid 3-1 in the Grand Finals post an upper bracket run.

The tournament has already completed its online stage that saw several teams compete for an invitation. Out of eight participants, only one team, the winner, would receive an invite to the BetBoom Dacha event. After seven days of competition, Nigma Galaxy emerged as the winner despite a slow start but a dominant finish.

Nigma Galaxy qualified for the Main Event

Nigma Galaxy got off to a slow start in Group B of the online stage, dropping a game to One Move but winning the series. However, in the upper bracket final, they lost to Nemiga Gaming bringing them to the brink of elimination. The team’s coach Roman "rmN-" Paley was standing in for Kuro "KuroKy" Salehi Takhasomi in this series, which impacted the team’s synergy and overall draft. A win over Team KZ, however, helped them secure their playoff slot which is where the team came together to display brilliance.

In the playoffs, Nigma Galaxy looked unstoppable with dominant drafts and aggressive gameplay. The team lost just one game out of eight to claim the invitation to the LAN Finals.

BetBoom Dacha Main event will take place in Yerevan in Armenia. The winning team receives the majority of the prize pool with a $150,000 reward for the winner. The second-place team goes home with $62,500. For many of the participating teams, this will be their final event before TI. This year's TI is taking place in North America, returning to the continent after several years.

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