Beastcoast and Team SMG are the third and fourth teams eliminated from The International 2023.

Another two teams have been eliminated from Dota 2's biggest tournament of the year as both beastcoast and Team SMG drop out of The International 2023 (TI12). Both fought valiantly in their respective groups, but ultimately came bottom in their groups with a 2-6 score, eliminating them from the competition.

SMG's run at The International has come to an end

Southeast Asia had only two teams representing the region heading into The International 2023. Team SMG would fight their way through the regional qualifiers of The International to join the likes of their brethren Talon Esports. However, perhaps because of a lack international matches at tier one tournaments, Team SMG struggled in their group.

Facing off against teams from all different regions, including previous TI winners Team Spirit, who went undefeated in their group, Team SMG only managed to draw against Entity and Evil Geniuses in their group. Despite having the same 2-6 score as Evil Geniuses, the two teams faced off in a best-of-three tiebreaker. Evil Geniuses managed to clean sweep Team SMG sending them home.

beastcoast joins Thunder Awaken in elimination

Beastcoast has joined the likes of the their South American sister team, Thunder Awaken, in elimination. Despite beastcoast being a Darkhorse pick for the Dota 2 community at The International, the South American region has lost two of their four teams at The International 2023.

After their relatively good showing in the group stage of DreamLeague Season 19, beastcoast struggled in their matches at TI12. Throughout their time in Group C of The International, beastcoast managed to only win one game against Nouns and Virtus Pro. While in the remaining series against Gaimin Gladiators and LGD, Beastcoast lost 2-0. So, their score plummeted to the bottom of their group. Resulting in them getting eliminated from TI.

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