Ah fu replaces Ekki in Team Secret ahead of DreamLeague Season 23 qualifiers cover image

Ah fu replaces Ekki in Team Secret ahead of DreamLeague Season 23 qualifiers

Ah fu replaces Ekki in Team Secret’s roster ahead of DreamLeague Season 23 qualifiers.

Team Secret is no stranger to roster changes these past few months. The team has been struggling to find its footing in tournaments and recently opts to make another roster shift. Team Secret benches its position 4, Marcel "Ekki" Hołowienko, and in the meantime have its coach, Tue "ah fu" Soon Chuan, fill in his shoes.

"We have taken the decision to bench Ekki for the foreseeable future while ah fu will be stepping back into the pos 4 boots," Team Secret posted.

Ah fu joins Team Secret's player roster

Ah fu has been in Team Secret's coaching seat since November last year. However, following this roster change, the Malaysian Dota 2 veteran will now bring his experienced gameplay in the support position. This change comes right ahead of the DreamLeague Season 23 Closed Qualifiers which kickstarts tomorrow, March 22.

On the other hand, Ekki, will be sitting on Team Secret's inactive roster. The 21-year-old player, joined Team Secret in January 6, filling in the vacant slot left by Yamich. The Polish/British position 4 played multiple tournament qualifiers with Team Secret, succeeding in the DreamLeague Season 22 Closed Qualifiers. However, his last stint with Secret ended on a sour note as the team failed to break the top 10 of the tournament.

Heen returns as Secret's coach

The prominent Dota 2 coach, Lee "Heen" Seung Gon, returns once again to the coach position for Team Secret. The player is known for his successful coaching stints, winning TI7 with Team Liquid and achieving multiple podium finishes with Team Secret.

With his brilliant ideas back on board, Team Secret may just find its missing piece. The team will compete in the DreamLeague Season 23 qualifiers tomorrow. Elite League also awaits ahead in Team Secret's schedule. It will pit twenty-four of the world's best teams against each other including notable names like Nigma Galaxy and Team Spirit.

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