Team Falcons closed out ESL One Birmingham with style in the grand finals against BetBoom Team with a 3-0 stomp.

The grand finals of the Birmingham Major just concluded. The finals of the Birmingham Major came down to Betboom who fought through the upper bracket and Team Falcons who fought from the lower bracket. Both teams have been crushing the competition, coming top in the group stage. But in the end (and after a lot of all chatting), Team Falcons came out on top and are the ESL One Birmingham champions.

Team Falcons conquer the Birmingham major

The final series was a stomp, which was unfortunate for Dota 2 fans who wanted a full five-game series. But at the same time, it was great for Team Falcons fans as it was just a show of their dominance. In the end, Team Falcons ended up sweeping BetBoom team 3-0 without any real contention. It truly seemed like Team Falcons were in control throughout the entire Birmingham Major finals from start to finish.

Game 1 of the Birmingham Major finals between Team Falcons and Betboom had new faces for both drafts. While Betboom brought a Visage and Bloodseeker as cores, Team Falcons brought an Underlord and a Razor. As soon as Razor got a double Static Link off, none of BetBoom's heroes could stand their ground. Game 2 of the Birmingham grand finals had a great start for BetBoom, with the squad getting quite an early lead. However, Team Falcons was not shaken. The team all itemized for Malr1ne's Primal Beast to tank up and the farmed Medusa of Betboom couldn't do much. And so, Team Falcons took game 2 of the Birmingham Major grand finals.

In the final game of the Birmingham Major, Betboom went for comfort with Nightfall's Terrorblade. But so did Team Falcons, with Skiter's Dragon Knight, Malr1ne's Timbersaw, and ATF's Mars. Despite the new picks, at the end of the day, it's ATF's Mars. There's not much that can counter it outside of banning the hero. And so, Team Falcons swept through Game 3 of the Birmingham Major in 40 minutes. You can check out the full series details here

With ESL One Birmingham now concluded and Team Falcons claiming the trophy, Dreamleague Season 23 is right around the corner — with all or the familiar faces from the Birmingham Major making a return once more to prove themselves and most likely take revenge on Team Falcons for how they completely destroyed the competition at Birmingham.

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