Team Falcons sends BetBoom down to the Dacha lower bracket cover image

Team Falcons sends BetBoom down to the Dacha lower bracket

BetBoom fall down to the lower bracket while Falcons are now one series away from Championship victory.

The BetBoom vs Team Falcons match was the upper bracket finals, sending one team to the Grand Finals. While the loser would still prevail in the tournament, it would be one step closer to elimination. After a hard-fought series, 

The two teams have reached the Upper Bracket Finals after a grueling few weeks. BetBoom didn’t really have a great group stage finishing fourth, barely making it to the playoffs. Meanwhile, Team Falcons have looked to be in great shape, although their group stage finish was similar to BetBoo - fourth in their group.

Both the upper bracket teams have seen their momentum improve over the past few weeks. BetBoom had flawless series against Team Liquid and LGD Gaming. Falcons had a slightly easier route through Xtreme Gaming and Azure Ray, however, they both made it to the upper bracket finals. Today, Team Falcons emerged as the stronger team after a three-game series.

BetBoom vs Team Falcons

The BetBoom vs Team Falcons upper bracket match kicked off with a very dominating Game 1 in favor of BetBoom. The team had the lead right from the laning phase and they built on this early lead to extend it throughout the entire game.

A big reason for their success was their focus on the early game while even having a Medusa as a pocketpick for the late game. The Undying pick was crucial for BetBoom’s success in the early to mid-game, where they extended their lead by a massive margin. 

Falcons had a mobility focus for Game 2 and with a Tidehunter and crowd control in the form of Cr1t’s Lion, they looked unstoppable. Crucial to the outcome of this match was Cr1t’s Lion, whose rotations and constant action throughout the map was instrumental.

The mid-game was relatively even with both teams vying for control and for a lead. However, it was only after the 25-minute mark that Falcons managed to pull away with a lead.

The third and final game of the series saw Falcons attempt a Huskar and Timbersaw combination. And that combination seemed impossible to kill for their opponents. Fkiter (Huskar) had zero deaths to his name. He also commanded a dominating lead in the laning stage as well as through the mid-game.

A big help to the Falcon’s lineup was the presence of the Shadow Shaman, played by Sneyking. The control and damage brought about by the hero helped team fights immensely. The hero required attention from the BetBoom heroes, allowing more freedom for the Timbersaw and the Huskar. 

Ultimately, Falcons’ victory means that they will now advance to the Grand Finals. BetBoom falls down to the lower bracket, where they will face the winner of Team Liquid and Azure Ray (Update: Team Liquid won 2-0).

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