Talon Esports brings in V-Tune for Elite League as Akashi faces travel issues cover image

Talon Esports brings in V-Tune for Elite League as Akashi faces travel issues

V-Tune will stand in for Talon Esports at the ongoing Elite League.

Talon Esports sorted out a last-minute roster change for the ongoing Elite League as its carry player suffered travel issues. The Southeast Asian powerhouse welcomed Ukrainian player, Alik "V-Tune" Vorobey, to temporarily replace Eljohn "Akashi" Andales throughout the tournament.

"Due to unforeseen travel complications, Akashi is unable to join the team for Elite League. Standing in his place will be Alik "V-Tune" Vorobey," Talon Esports announced just hours before the tournament kickstarts. Talon also added that Akashi will rejoin the team for ESL One Birmingham which starts on April 22.

Last minute changes for Talon Esports in Elite League

Talon Esports has been on a wild journey the past couple of months. It went through a complete roster reformat as its former players move to Aurora. Talon's current roster fields a mix of Malaysian, Filipino, and Singaporean players who have to fill the massive shoes left behind by the former team.

So far, Talon Esports is still finding that formula to regain its former status. The team lost in multiple qualifiers this year and only managed to clinch a first-place victory at the tier 3 RES Regional Series in SEA. Elite League marks its first official tier 1 tournament of the year, but unfortunately, they will have to play without their complete lineup.

Although Elite League is an online event, teams from outside of Europe will have to travel and bootcamp in the region to compete. Talon's Filipino carry player, Akashi, stumbled upon travel issues, making him absent from the tournament. 23-year-old player, V-Tune, will fill in his shoes in the meantime.

The last-minute roster adjustment comes at a crucial timing. But it seems like Talon has got the hang of it as it kickstarted its Elite League journey with a series win against Rest Farmers. Keep up with Elite League and its results here on esports.gg!