Team Aster defeated Team Spirit 2-0 in a series that saw SumaiL show off his Windranger mid skills.

Team Spirit’s chances at ESL One Berlin Major are dead, and the culprit is Team Aster and Sumail "SumaiL" Hassan’s Windranger mid. The Chinese team and NA stand-in saw off Team Spirit in dominant fashion, with a first game stomp, and second game slog.

As mentioned, the real start of the show was SumaiL, who in both games was given the slight unorthodox Windranger mid lane pick. In game one, there was really nothing Denis "Larl" Sigitov’s Void Spirit could do against the Windranger, who’s Power Shot and CSing power were able to easily control the lane.

To make things worse, Aster’s supports spent their time ganking mid, and roaming with Windranger to give the scaling Alchemist and competent Axe the free lane. Ultimately, game one was a stomp by Aster.

Game two Aster returned to the Windranger pick, in a more drawn-out game, where we got to see the build develop more. And, even with the Windranger seemingly countered by a Queen of Pain pick, Aster retained the win.

How do you replicate SumaiL’s Windranger pick? 

We're not saying you'll go 17-0-17 like SumaiL, but it'll help! (Image via Valve/OG)
We're not saying you'll go 17-0-17 like SumaiL, but it'll help! (Image via Valve/OG)

If you want to try this at home, we tracked SumaiL’s build order and play style. SumaiL rushed bottle as all mids do, then secured a wand, and power treads to roam effectively. He augmented his roaming by building the Atos portion of his Glepnir first. 

In the first game he completed the Glepnir before BKB because he was ahead. If you’re a bit behind, go with the Black King Bar first. After your Glepnir is complete, finish up with your choice of Crystalys, Daedalus, or Silver Edge, depending on your use. If you’re really ahead, add a rapier, backpacking Silver Edge or Boots. Don’t backpack anything else as it’ll effect your Crit and survivability. 

SumaiL’s Windranger mid -  Dota 2 7.33 build

(Image via DotaBuff)
(Image via DotaBuff)

Starting Items

  • 3 x Iron Branch
  • 1 x Tango
  • 1 x Faerie Fire
  • 1 x Observer Ward
  • 1 x Circlet
Mid Game
Early Game
Final Form

Build Order

Bottle > Magic Wand > Power Treads > Rod of Atos > Glepnir > BKB > Crystalys > Daedalus > Silver Edge

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