So far, SumaiL seems to be the answer that could help OG regain its past glory.

Let Hassanbowl begin!

It’s rare in esports that we get to see some good old fashioned sibling rivalries. Today, a match of epic proportions, what has been dubbed “Hassanbowl” by talent, occurred in the lower bracket of the ESL One Summer tournament. Quincy Crew and OG matched up against each other with their respective Hassan brother carries, Yawar “YS” Hassan on Quincy and Syed Sumail "SumaiL" Hassan for OG. SumaiL just recently returned to OG after a stint on team Liquid, standing in for Samuel "Boxi" Svahn. OG have been looking pretty good in this tournament, just recently taking out Team Nigma yesterday. In the past, OG has beaten Quincy Crew at every International Run that they’ve been to. In this game especially, both teams were facing elimination from the tournament and needed a win to stay alive. Here’s what happened.

OG Dominate early game but Quincy bring it back

The first game draft saw some typical strange picks for OG. Rather than putting the Dragon Knight in the midlaner, OG ran with the Hoodwink mid for Topias Miikka "Topson" Taavitsainen, a hero that he has spamming in pubs and playing in tournaments, including this one. Instead, OG ran a position 4 Dragon Knight, with a Necrophos lane partner. Quincy decided to go with the tried-and-true Wraith King which would end up going against the late game powerhouse Naga Siren.

The early game started off strong for OG, pretty handledly shutting down Yawar on the top lane and were able to harass the Rodrigo "LESLAO" Santos Venomancer. In the mid lane, Topson was able to do well and get an early kill on “Quinn” Callahan setting up a winning laning stage for OG. Quinn was still able to fight back as Batrider and making early rotations to help alleviate some pressure and get his other cores back into the game.

The Squirrel Bushwacks Quincy into oblivion

The mid game had a lot of pick offs on both sides. OG moved pretty handedly with the stuns of Martin "Saksa" Sazdov and the Ice Blast from Johan "N0tail" Sundstein, to get their kills. Meanwhile Quincy’s ganking supports along with Batrider consistently were able to catch the Hoodwink out of position. Both teams were able to take convincing fights, but OG were the first team to secure Roshan.

Going into the late game Quincy looked like they ran out of time. Despite winning a key fight, OG were just able to outlast and out-damage the Quincy lineup. Quincy lacked a lot of illusion damage to deal with the Naga Siren and Topson and the OG support combo were able to blow up practically every hero on the other team. In the end, OG were able to secure Roshan again and run over Quincy for the rest of the game.

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Both teams adapt to the Meta

The game 2 draft ended up with both teams trying out their own form of the meta that had been building during the Animajor. OG picked themselves up a carry Axe, while Quincy tried to bolster their lineup with an offlane Doom. Arif "MSS" Anwar, was on his new favorite hero Hoodwink, while Sébastien "Ceb" Debs played his Dark Seer with hopes to counter the Luna. Both teams looked to ramp things up and pressure their opponent.

The early game started up with some lane swaps for Quincy. This had both carries facing up against each other and both offlaners playing against each other. The laning stage had OG with a slight lead but in general both teams went relatively even, with a few kills here and there.

Apparently, SumaiL is not his brother's Keeper...

As the game went on, Quincy seemed to be getting more pickoffs and pulling ahead with a fast-farming lineup. This led to a key kill on SumaiL and a big teamfight where they were able to kill four. But it was not to last. SumaiL’s Axe with the Manta shard build was able to tear through Yawar and the rest of the squad. This combined with several nice vacuum wall combos made Quincy’s fights seemingly impossible. In the end, it looked hopeless for Quincy. After taking fight after fight, OG were able to steamroll over Quincy's Crew.

OG Move on in the tournament

With the lower bracket match being an elimination match, it was always going to be either SumaiL or Yawar. With that win, OG eliminate Quincy Crew from ESL One Summer. This puts them in a good position to get to the lower bracket finals of the tournament. They face up against Alliance later today to determine whether or not that’s possible.

The ESL One Summer 2021 is a non-DPC Dota 2 tournament featuring some of the strongest teams from Europe. The tournament runs over five days from June 16-20, 2021. It has a $100,000 prize pool with a double-elimination bracket.

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