Team Secret looks stronger than ever as they handed a defeat to Team Liquid 2-0. In the post-match interview, SumaiL revealed what changed their game.

DPC is back! The intensely competitive region of Western Europe (WEU) brought a high-profile showdown in today's opening series - Team Secret vs Team Liquid. After a surprising clean sweep by Secret, Syed Sumail "SumaiL" Hassan revealed why they managed to bring such a performance.

Heading into the series, most fans would paint Team Liquid as the favorites. They were the top seed of the previous season and their performance was absolutely monstrous. Team Secret, on the other hand, barely escaped elimination and placed 5th in the division.

However, in the Spring Tour DPC, Secret made an explosive opening, defeating Team Liquid 2-0. As opposed to the previous season, Nisha is now playing pos 2 and SumaiL returns to pos 1. The first game was a close contest but in the second game, Team Secret absolutely outplayed and outsmarted Liquid.

SumaiL's post-match interview

After the clean series, the panel asked a couple of questions to SumaiL. They addressed the elephant in the room which was the role swap between SumaiL and Nisha. Regarding this, SumaiL revealed that both of them felt better in their current roles.

I have been enjoying Pos 1 more than mid for sure and I think Nisha shares the same feelings. It's a super good change.

Prior to Team Secret's roster shuffle, Nisha played as the midlaner. When SumaiL joined Team Secret, he assumed the midlane position and Nisha moved to the carry role. This didn't seem to work out during the first season as they had quite a disappointing run. The team also placed 5-6th at the Gamers Galaxy Invitational, so this time around, they opted for a switch up. The role swap is definitely looking incredible for Team Secret in this opening series of Tour 2 WEU DPC.

Their form looks amazing and way more convincing in the first season. The panel asked SumaiL if there was any change in their confidence before heading into the second season.

I guess, TI is closing in so it's getting more serious. It's the better way to put it to be honest. Nothing confidence related I would say.

This second season does award more DPC points that would be insanely valuable on the road to The International 11. And by the words of the king himself, it seems like teams are geared up to bring forth their best Dota to claim the coveted slots.

The Spring Tour has only begun and more exciting matches will be coming our way. Here are the next couple of matches for the Division I WEU.

WEU DPC Division I Week 1 Schedule
WEU DPC Division I Week 1 Schedule

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