SumaiL talks about the “random” role swaps in Nigma Galaxy cover image

SumaiL talks about the “random” role swaps in Nigma Galaxy

SumaiL talks about the sudden role swap in Nigma Galaxy that sees ATF take over the midlane and SumaiL returning to the safelane.

Nigma Galaxy had just bagged two consecutive series wins after suffering a losing streak. They grabbed a win off Ooredoo Thunders and today, against Monaspa. But what really changed in the team that significantly buffed their performance? It seems like their winning recipe was a role switch-up - putting Ammar "ATF" Al-Assaf in the midlane and Syed "SumaiL" Hassan as the carry player.

This series of wins have been refreshing for fans and definitely the players as Nigma has struggled for seasons throughout. The team went back and forth between the upper and lower divisions and has missed Valve events for two years. But this season might just be Nigma's road to redemption as they finally find their balance.

When the amount of wins change from 0 to anything, it definitely feels better already.

SumaiL says after series win against Monaspa

After a 2-0 win against Monaspa, the WEU DPC panel talked to SumaiL in the post-match interview. The 23-year-old player also reconnected with old teammate, Clinton "Fear" Loomis, who was a part of the panel lineup.

Never let them know your next move

The very first question directed to SumaiL was about the sudden role switch. At the start of the season, Ivan "MinD_ContRoL" Ivanov assumed the carry role and ATF returns to offlane. However, when things didn't seem to work out and Nigma tanked loss after loss, the team decided to shift positions. MinD_ContRoL now returns to the offlane position, and while SumaiL now plays carry, ATF becomes the new midlaner.

I'm not sure what I'm playing, every series, every map. Whatever hero is left, or whatever role is left I kind of have to play it. It's not set, you know what I mean? It's random. (Fear: Do you think you'll ever play in the offlane at some point?) The way things are looking, I might play (position) five too

SumaiL says regarding the role swaps

This was a similar response that NGX's position four player, Maroun "GH" Merhej, gave in a previous interview. It seems like Nigma is going full random mode as they adjust one game at a time.

"I'm going to let you know a little secret about Team Nigma. We don't even know.. if we don't know, you definitely do not know either, so that's it," gh said regarding the role swap situation.

SumaiL praises ATF in the midlane

via Gamers Galaxy
via Gamers Galaxy

ATF had migrated from the offlane to carry a number of times but this was a first that we see him in the midlane position. SumaiL revealed that the role comes naturally to ATF, "He's initially a good laner and he practices a lot when he wants so it comes naturally to him pretty much."

He also touched on the topic of ATF's hero pool. The 18-year-old Jordanian is notorious for a unique and small hero pool but in the last few series, ATF has excelled in heroes like Broodmother and Pangolier. "Most of his heroes are actually pretty good, you know. So it kind of fits," SumaiL said, ensuring that the team will figure it out the drafts.

KuroKy and March are in charge of team preps

via Nigma Galaxy
via Nigma Galaxy

The spontaneous move around the Nigma Galaxy role swaps does sound chaotic. But it seems like team captain, Kuro "KuroKy" Takhasomi, and new coach, Park "March" Tae-won, are working well together to prepare the team. SumaiL said that he has been playing Counter-Strike all day and left the strategizing to the veterans in the room.

"To be honest (regarding team preps), we have left it on Kuroky and March. I just play CS all day and let them figure out what's gonna happen. Seems to be working pretty well because KuroKy and March work together nicely. So yeah, I let the older people do the strategy."

SumaiL also revealed that despite having a long road to improve, they feel better than before. "(The mood) definitely feels better but we still need to improve a lot, that's the way we see it anyways. But when the amount of wins change from 0 to anything it definitely feels better already."

Nigma Galaxy is currently surviving with 2 wins and 3 losses in the WEU DPC. Their next opponent is OG, who now sits at the bottom of the standings with a 1-4 scoreline. The NGX vs OG matchup will take place on March 27th, 2023. Make sure to catch up with everything DPC here on!