SoNNeikO and StoRm, unhappy with Pinnacle Cup hosts’ decision, forfeited their game against Team Tickles, but crash was to blame.

Akbar "SoNNeikO" Butaev who plays position five for StoRm expressed his dissatisfaction at the handling of the Pinnacle Cup: Malta Vibes #4 tournament. His frustration was aimed at the way the admins handled a technical issue with some unorthodox decisions for the professional match.

During a group stage game between StoRm and Team Tickles on September 28, a technical issue occurred. It appeared that Dota 2 crashed during the Pinnacle Cup game between StoRm and Team Tickles and the players were not able to resume their game.

The organizers then restarted the game. However, SoNNeikO stated that the organizers decided to have StoRm give up three bounties and first blood in fairness to the advantage Team Tickles had in the canceled game.

Chronology before StoRm vs Team Tickles Pinnacle Cup game crashed

Game No.
Team 1
Team 2
StoRm [W]33-12Team Tickles
StoRm26-45Team Tickles [W]

The series was tied up with StoRm taking the first game and Team Tickles taking the second. The third game, however, only went on for nine minutes before the impending crash. At that moment, Team Tickles had a three thousand gold advantage over StoRm and a score of 3-1. Neither the players nor the admins were able to continue the game and ended up putting the third game on hold.

StoRm forfeited the game against Team Tickles

After around a 40-minute wait, the Pinnacle Cup stream updated the score from a tie to a 2-1 in favor of Team Tickles even though no game had occurred. One of the casters, Gustavo "Bowie" Mattos, explained on stream what had happened. To summarize:

  • The StoRm versus Team Tickles series had already been delayed by one day due to previous technical issues
  • When the series finally happened, the crash occurred during the third game where all players could no longer continue the game
  • StoRm decided to forfeit the game which was why Team Tickles won the series

According to SoNNeikO, and what was not mentioned in the stream, was that the Pinnacle Cup organizers deemed Team Tickles to have the advantage and decided that three bounties and first blood should go to them in the restarted game. SoNNeikO questioned the validity of this decision as he believed that the general rule to a game restart was to either keep the same heroes or start a new draft.

After the forfeit and 1-2 loss to Team Tickles, StoRm moved directly to their next series against NAVI Junior, which they proceeded to lose as well. It had been nothing but rough vibes at Malta for StoRm as they placed fifth with no wins and three losses.

Crashes are happening due to the new Dota 2 update?

It is unfortunate that StoRm's current predicament at the Pinnacle Cup was partly caused by a system crash. However, this crash seemed to be happening more often after the recent Dota 2 update. Continuing on the explanation of StoRm's situation, Bowie added that the crash might just be due to the latest Dota 2 Compendium update. He shared his experience when he lost a pub game after crashing out. A similar experience occurred to a pub player on the same day of the StoRm versus Team Tickles series. All players suddenly disconnected 20 minutes into the game and it became uncounted.

A Reddit user reported another issue with the Compendium update where a small number of players were able to apply more levels than intended towards their Compendium rewards. Valve then had the affected players' rewards removed and re-adjusted to the "correct" amount.

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