Yang announced Elephant 2.0 in the stream

Last week, Yang announced the Elephant reunion in his stream. As reported, Chalice, Pyw, and 皮球 will be joining Elephant 2.0, and they were only missing a midlaner. "I will ask Somnus if he wants to play, otherwise I will ask Paparazi灬." Said Yang: "Pubs are too boring, might as well play competitive Dota.

Somnus will come back

This means that two former Elephant players, or rather four Asian Games champions, will be teaming up again. From what Somnus said, he has been playing Dota 2 for such a long time and doesn't want to miss a single year (for The International Qualifier). Their roster is as follows:

  • Pos 1: Chalice (Former LGD player, Asian Games champion)
  • Pos 2: Somnus (Former Elephant player, Asian Games champion)
  • Pos 3: Yang (Former Elephant player)
  • Pos 4: Pyw (Former VG player, Asian Games champion)
  • Pos 5: 皮球 (Former Aster player, Asian Games champion)

The Elephant 2.0 hasn't decided on a team name yet, with only the nickname "Aged Elephant" in the Chinese community. They will officially restart in May and participate in some Dota 2 events.

What tournaments will they attend?

The original Elephant was formed in 2020 with the superstar roster of Paparazi, Somnus, Yang, fym and RedPanda. They immediately found success by winning the China Dota2 Pro Cup Season 2. Initially, this team was supposed to last for two years according to their contracts, but they disbanded very quickly after the disappointing result in The International 2021, only placing 13-16th.

The first Dota 2 event that the new Elephant will join will be hosted by Chinese streaming platform Douyu, and will feature some famous player and streamer teams competing against each other, such as Zhou, xiao8, shiro. The event will officially kick off on May 1, but the Elephant 2.0 will have a show match against Sylar, Fade from the team "No responsibility" around April 23.

Since most of this season's tournament qualifiers have been completed, we are not sure how the team will go next. But it can be confirmed that the "Aged Elephant" will participate in The International 2024 CN regional qualifiers from Somnus' stream. Maybe we can also expect them to fight for the slots for the Riyadh Masters 2024.

Stay tuned to esports.gg and our Dota 2 section for more upcoming news!

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