The RNG vs IG series was one spectacular show; featuring a 5-year-old game bug and an INSANE clutch Rampage by Somnus.

The China DPC has barely started and we are already in for a roller-coaster ride! The region’s latest match was between Royal Never Give Up (RNG) and Invictus Gaming - and there were a few things that you WOULDN'T want to miss.

In case you don’t know, RNG is made up of some ex-PSG.LGD players from 2018. The reunited team went head-to-head against IG which had also made minor adjustments to its roster - replacing their position 4.

So what exactly happened in the series? Here is the chain of events, from an obscure bug in game 1 to a ridiculous rampage in game 3.

A 5-year old bug ruins RNG’s first match versus iG

The first game saw both teams playing carefully during the laning phase and at one point, it roughly looked like the game was in RNG’s favor. 

In one teamfight, Emo had initiated a risky jump which eventually killed him off and IG found themselves at a disadvantage. RNG was chasing their enemies down but after an Ice Blast landed on God King’s Wraith King; it surprisingly killed him.. with the Reincarnation spell still available.

But how?

The carry had used Soul Ring to generate more Mana so the Reincarnation could be triggered - but it didn’t work. The bug is caused when Soul Ring is used while under the effects of Ice Blast. This bug cost RNG the team fight and from there on, IG managed to pick up momentum to ultimately win the game.

"What an insane bug to lose a teamfight to in DPC iG vs RNG," said coach and former analyst Aui_2000. "AA ult purged soulring before WK died resulting in him not having mana and getting teamwiped instead of teamwiping enemy."

A lot from the Dota community pointed out the game-ruining bug that is happening in the DPC. TI winner, Kurtis "Aui_2000" Ling brought the issue to light on his Twitter account.

One Twitter user also stated that the bug has been around for 5 years, which sadly means it has been long ignored.

The same early game pattern was seen in Game 2 with the laning phase taking off pretty passively. There weren’t many fights or encounters as both teams remained disciplined and cautious.

However, RNG was more in control of the map and IG just couldn’t find any openings to turn the game. The net worth gap gradually grew in favor of RNG and after multiple failed teamfight attempts, IG called it quits. 

Somnus delivered an INSANE 5HP turnaround Rampage

The final game of the series started off even but there was one man who soon completely ran the show and it was none other than Somnus. IG had most of their heroes well-farmed and they stood high in the net worth chart, but RNG's mid laner was thousands of gold ahead. 

The long-drawn 1-hour game was a nip and tuck affair as both teams struggled to step into their opponents’ bases. IG then successfully took good control over the map and left RNG holding their bases without room to leave.

IG attempted to push RNG’s high ground and they jumped on to Somnus the moment there was an opportunity. His HP quickly drained to only 5HP but a HUGE clutch on his Satanic quickly filled them right back up.

He was the final man standing in his base against a couple of enemy heroes, but Somnus fought them off swiftly. IG finally waved the white flag after 57 minutes. 

We could all agree that it has been a while we get to see such a satisfying clutch Rampage, especially during DPC. And Somnus delivered that so flawlessly.

More Chinese Dota ahead!

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China DPC Standings Day 2

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