Sneyking calls out OG for an attempt to pressure PGL.

OG's recent dilemma in The International 2024 (TI13) Western Europe qualifiers received mixed responses from the community. While most pro players and personalities have not commented on the case, Team Falcons' Sneyking has been clear on his stance regarding OG's situation.

Sneyking opposes mid-tournament rule change

OG is caught in a tough situation right smack in the middle of the WEU TI Qualifier. During the ongoing event, Ceb had to step away to tend to his wife for the birth of his first child. While OG did field a stand-in for the first day, not having Ceb in the roster for the next series will cause an inevitable disqualification.

OG announced that they had informed PGL months prior of the possible date overlap between the tournament and Ceb's personal case. But PGL's strictness is met with OG's frustration as they request for more stand-in exceptions.

TI winner and current captain of Team Falcons, Sneyking, strongly opposes OG's wishes to have a stand-in in Ceb's position as it goes against PGL's ruleset. He emphasizes that if a team has an issue with a certain rule, it should be brought up before or after the tournament occurs.

With OG attempting to change the rules mid-tournament due to their personal situation, Sneyking states that it will jeopardize the tournament's integrity. This is especially huge for such a significant event involving The International 2024 - Dota 2's most prestigious annual tournament.

Once you have agreed to participate in said tournament, you have agreed to the rules of said tournament. The tournament organizer had even given [OG] a concession of allowing a stand in for one day. If OG isn’t happy with this concession they should have made it public issue before, which they didn’t do. On the contrary, they committed with this roster of 5 for this tournament, fully aware of the consequences of their actions.


Sneyking calls out OG for an attempt to "pressure PGL"

Sneyking also disagrees with how OG only made this issue public in the middle of the WEU TI Qualifier despite knowing about the possible overlap months ahead. He calls OG's actions as an attempt to use its vast fanbase to pressure the tournament organizer into allowing exceptions for the team.

I would applaud OG if they were to stand up for this problem before or after the tournament. But the fact that only now OG is publicly bringing up this issue while facing the possibility of being disqualified by PGL is an attempt to strongarm and pressure PGL with its vast fan base into complying to the wishes of OG and allowing further exceptions to be made for the team.


The International WEU Qualifier's fourth day will see OG take on NAVI Junior in the Lower Bracket. At the time of writing, OG announced that Ceb will indeed play with the team and no disqualification will occur. Stick around for more Dota 2 news.