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SG esports claim they have not received DPC prize money cover image

SG esports claim they have not received DPC prize money


In a recent tweet, South America Dota 2 team SG Esports explain that they have not received their prize money from the DPC season.

Prize money is the lifeblood of the DPC, but for one South American organization those vital sustaining funds are allegedly not forthcoming. In a recent Twitter post, SG esports explained that tournament organizer 4D Esports has not paid the organization their prize money from the DPC SA 2021/2022 Tour 3: Division I.
Coming in first place in Tour 2, as well a 5th place finish in Tour 3, SG esports is a familiar name in South American Dota 2. Post-Tour 3 of the Dota 2 DPC, SG esports should have earned $25,000 USD for their placement. However this has allegedly not been the case, as its been several months after the end of the tournament, and the team has reportedly not received the money.

The SG esports prize money situation

Tour 3 of the Dota 2 DPC led to qualifications for the Arlington Major. The tournament started early in August, but Tour 3 ended on July 17.
According to the DPC rules set by Valve, the deadline that they've set for payment post DPC tournaments was 90 days. It has been 134 days since the end of the tour, and SG esports have reportedly not received their prize money. In general, prize money is paid far before the deadline by tournament organizers.
According to the tweet, SG esports have tried to open a dialogue with 4D Esports but there has been no response. Additionally it implies that they have contacted Valve but also haven't had a response. As a result, the organization has gone to Twitter to attempt to reach out to Valve through the community at large.
Since the tweet has been posted, there has been no response or signs of a response from Valve. But this isn't the first time there's been an issue with 4D Esports. On Nov. 19, Wolf Team also reported that they had not been paid $24,000 for their 6th place finish in the same event. Hopefully, the community will rally together to get Valve's attention and resolve these issues. But, unfortunately, this might be another one for the Dota 2 debt tracker.

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