Saberlight- also hinted at his replacement.

Shopify Rebellion just announced a change to its Dota 2 roster. The team's current offlaner, Jonáš "SabeRLight-" Volek, will depart the team to look for other opportunities. This roster change comes after a rough run at DreamLeague Season 23.

In an official statement, Shopify Rebellion thanked SabeRLight- for his contributions and opened up about the struggles of the team. "Today we are announcing that while SabeRLight- is assessing his future options outside of Rebellion, he will be put on paid leave. This was a mutual decision between [SabeRLight-] and the rest of the team," Shopify Rebellion posted.

SabeRLight-'s history in Shopify Rebellion

SabeRLight- is one of the most notable offlaners in the competitive Dota 2 scene. His breakthrough came with the North American stack, Team Undying, which was later picked up by prominent organization, TSM. When TSM disbanded, SabeRLight- joined Shopify Rebellion in December 2022 - merging forces with NA stars like Arteezy and Fly.

With Shopify Rebellion, there were continuous ups-and-downs. Shopify Rebellion had an impressive early start, achieving a fourth-place finish at the 2023 Lima Major and podium placements at DreamLeague Season 19 and 21. But in 2024, SR couldn't find their momentum with a new roster.

After one-and-a-half year in Shopify Rebellion, SabeRLight- will look forward to other opportunities. It isn't clear whether or not he wants to stay competing in North America or if he will relocate to other regions.

Who will replace him in Shopify Rebellion?

Shopify Rebellion has not revealed any details regarding their upcoming offlaner. But SabeRLight- recently retweeted Iceiceice's tweet that said: "it's time". This could possibly hint towards his return to competitive Dota 2. Iceiceice is currently the content creator for Bleed Esports, the team he last competed with in 2023.

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