Riyadh Masters greets teams with meme-worthy Welcome Letters cover image

Riyadh Masters greets teams with meme-worthy Welcome Letters

Riyadh Masters have given out some meme worthy welcome letters to various teams attending the tournament, and the community loves them!

One of the biggest prize pool Dota 2 tournaments has begun. The Riyadh Masters has already begun with a two day Play-In. The 20 teams that have been invited to the tournament will play in a single Best-of-Two Round Robin to eliminate the first four teams. Several teams got welcome letters on arrival from the Gamers8 Team for the Riyadh Masters tournament, and so here are the highlights from these letters.

Gaimin Gladiator's Welcome Letter from Riyadh Masters

It's no surprise that Gaimin Gladiators have been on quite the hot winning streak at Dota 2 Tournaments. After their 5th consecutive win at a tier one Dota 2 Tournament, it only makes sense that their letter assumes they'll take home another trophy.

9Panda's Welcome Letter

On the more comedic side, there's 9Panda's welcome letter to Riyadh Masters. With a inspiring letter to be read out in a MMA Announcer's voice, Gamers8 welcomed the fan favorite CIS squad. The letter welcomes Miero the Tinker Virtuoso, Solo 16 different team veteran, the young gun Kiyotaka and the farmer Ramzees. But, the best introduction in 9Panda's letter is for Antares who has the most annoying hero pool for the enemy mid laner.

Team Spirit's Welcome Letter

Also on the Eastern European side, there is Team Spirit, who's letter is short and sweet. The letter refrences that despite Morphling being nerfed in 7.33e, Yatoro's massive hero pool will make up for it. As well as Miposhka's and Larl's search for Lego at the King Khalid International Airport. Although PSG.LGD took revenge at the previous Riyadh Masters tournament, maybe Team Spirit will snap back.

Team Spirit's Welcome letter to Riyadh Masters
Team Spirit's Welcome letter to Riyadh Masters

Tundra's Welcome letter from Riyadh Masters

Next up is Tundra's Welcome letter. The letter explains that they are the hope to stop Gaimin's record breaking win streak. They are the only Team tho can consistenly match up against GG. However in past tournaments, Tundra slips against other teams. Gamers8 encourages them to take their playstyle of "unfair fights" to the next level. So, they've also been provided a map of all the other player's practice room as well as a list of all the other player's allergies.

Althoug each and every welcome letter isn't available, here are some of the other welcome letters that other teams received. The welcome letters to Riyadh Masters for EG, VP, OG, Entity and Betboom are below:

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