Razor receives a shockingly good new Arcana as the Voidstorm Asylum is unleashed.

Embrace the storm and get ready to be shocked, as Razor’s Voidstorm Asylum Arcana has finally been released. With its arrival, all currently promised aspects of The International 2022 Battle Pass have now been released, and Dota 2’s “Coming Soon” meme can finally be put to bed.

The Arcana was unveiled on Valve’s official Twitter, and with its own post on the Dota 2 blog.

The Arcana features, of course, an unlockable second style, an all new model for the sometimes old-looking Razor, custom hero assets, and over 600+ new voice lines, with custom kill, deny, and other effects.

To unlock the Voidstorm Asylum set, simply achieve level 383 in the Battle Pass, which if you’ve made no progress at all, will likely cost you around $150.

Some of the Razor Arcana's new effects (Screenshot via Esports.gg)
Some of the Razor Arcana’s new effects (Screenshot via Esports.gg)

The Arcana’s description reads as follows: “Razor reclaims the secrets of his true origins with the help of a void-touched power sent to shatter the mystic bonds between the lightning revenant and the hidden masters of the Narrow Maze — and unleash a rage that only retribution will set to rights.”

Voidstorm Asylum Razor Arcana

Voidstorm Asylum's alternative appearance takes on the look of weathered brass or copper (Screenshot by Esports.gg)
Voidstorm Asylum’s alternative appearance takes on the look of weathered brass or copper (Screenshot by Esports.gg)

Despite a somewhat underwhelming bit of art initial art for this Arcana, Voidstorm Asylum has delivered on all accounts. The storming cyclone that makes up his body, the vicious whip sword, energized with static power, and the shuddering mass of the character which unjulates with power—This is just a very cool set.

One of the issues with Razor sets is that sometimes they just look like a guy with a sword. This problem is completely removed with the Arcana that give Razor far more personality. And now, we have another small insight into the Lore of Dota 2 thanks yet another in-depth Arcana.

The Arcana is packed with unique effects such as this custom Deny animation (Screenshot by Esports.gg)

Unfortunately this release does come with the bitter sweet knowledge that there’s nothing left to be unveiled in this Battle Pass. Part II: Diretide, is scheduled to continue until January 12th. In hindsight, with everything released, this has been a very good Battle Pass. Our initial, healthy skepticism has been punished by Valve delivering on all accounts. We’re happy to eat our words.

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