Quinn took to Twitter to address and apologize for his toxicity in a ranked match.

Gaimin Gladiator's mid laner Quinn "Quinn" Callahan has publicly apologized for his notorious toxic behavior. The apology comes after a recent Reddit post showing Quinn flaming a player in a ranked match. The thread gained a lot of traction within the Dota 2 community, as toxicity is a prominent issue. As a result, on September 27, Quinn came out on Twitter elaborating on the situation as well as his previous behaviour.

Quinn's apology

(Image via ESL)
(Image via ESL)

In a massive Twitter/X thread from Quinn himself, he addressed his behaviour and apologized for it. Not just in the match that invited the discussion, but in general as well. In the thread, he stated that this behaviour is not healthy, nor tolerable. Quinn has reportedly vowed to work on his behaviour and minimize the toxicity.

Additionally, Quinn explained in his apology that casters, organizations, and all those who support him had not "disowned him" were getting some backlash from the Dota 2 community, especially on Reddit, with multiple threads being created. Quinn explained that this behaviour is equally unjust and promotes an unhealthy culture within the Dota 2 community. That Quinn's supporters are complacent or encouraging this toxicity is entirely false.

"Your favorite casters, talent, my org and other people in the scene who haven't publicly disowned me does not make them evil nor complicit in the stuff i've done and said."

Quinn "Quinn" Callahan

Quinn ended the thread with a final apology to all those he's hurt in the past. He is determined to work on this issue and become a better person for it. You can check out the full thread on Twitter here.

Quinn's recent match and the Reddit thread

The entire thread, both twitter's apology and reddit's discussion came in wake of a recent match that Quinn played in. During the match, Quinn insulted and flamed another player due to his gameplay. The player then posted a clip of Quinn's behaviour towards the player to reddit, and from there the situation developed.

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