The Dota 2 community criticizes Quinn after he was seen griefing a recent pub match.

Three-time Major champion, Quinn "Quinn" Callahan, is under fire after a clip of him griefing and ruining a pub match recently surfaced. This sparked backlash within the Dota 2 community and a popular streamer, Wagagaming, even called out for Valve to punish this behavior.

The clip shows Quinn playing Puck and owning the midlane, getting three kills in eight minutes. However, he died once after a small teamfight at the midlane. Moments later, he griefed the game, refusing to play and destroying his items.

Most Dota 2 fans know that this case isn't uncommon with Quinn. Quinn or formerly known as CCnC, is notorious for his vile pub behavior that includes trashtalking and griefing. But the clip that surfaced, which shows Qojqva reacting to the pub match, is even more shocking as Quinn had a significant advantage in the early game - yet decided to still grief the game.

Wagagaming calls out Quinn's "degenerate behavior"

The clip surfaced on Reddit and other socials which sparked backlash against Quinn. Dota 2 streamer, Wagagaming, called his actions a "degenerate behavior". He asks for Valve to take action against griefers.

"This is also the issue with ranked games, many people behave like this sadly. People just give up for no reason nonstop. [Valve], can we do something to stop this obvious griefing bullsh*t?"

Reddit discusses toxicity among pro players

Under a Reddit post, people flocked to comment on the displeasing situation. Although toxic behavior has always been condemned, it is not unusual to see extreme trashtalking and game-ruining behavior even among pro players themselves.

Quinn has continuously been caught griefing or showcasing toxic behavior in pubs. And a Redditor pointed out that he hasn't changed despite now being more successful. "If anything, he probably feels even more justified," another Redditor commented.

This also sparked a discussion regarding pros "immunity" from in-game punishments. Many believe pro players have some sort of protection from reports or getting bans but this is merely a rumor. There is no documentation of Valve limiting or protecting pro players' accounts from in-game penalties.

A Redditor stated that the reason the "immunity" is there is because people were targeting pro players and streamers, excessively reporting their accounts for fun. Another user commented that famous streamer, SingSing, used to face the brunt of baseless reports. However, do take these comments with a (large) pinch of salt.

The Dota 2 community also brought up names who have been incredibly toxic in pubs before. Mentioned were gpk and even all-time legends such as Sébastien "Ceb" Debs and Clement "Puppey" Ivanov, who had their fair share of toxic in-game moments.

Dota 2 is one of the games with a forgiving system, but maybe it's about time we impose some harsher penalties. The community calls for Valve to take action against any form of toxicity, especially griefing in pubs. And they would like for it to have no exceptions, whether the penalty lands on an average player or a professional player.

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