The Quest continues for the habibis as they eliminate the final bastion of China and former Riyadh Masters champions, PSG.LGD.

Quest Esports has defeated PSG.LGD in a surprisingly quick 2-0 series in the Riyadh Masters 2023 lower bracket round one on July 26. Even after a drop to the lower bracket, Quest maintained their confidence, strength, and skill level, eliminating PSG.LGD from the competition.

Sadly for PSG.LGD, their Riyadh Masters journey came to an early end, failing to defend their championship title from the previous year.

Quest vs PSG.LGD: Who is the better Snapfire?

Quest Esports' winning recipe is the combination of a good understanding on the meta and confidence in their comfort picks. Snapfire has been the number one mid hero of Riyadh Masters with 61 percent on mid (per July 26). And Quest were no strangers to the fact. They made sure to pick her for Tony "No!ob" Assaf in game one, which paid off handsomely. No!ob has played and won all four Snapfire mid games thus far.

Snapfire has 61 percent winrate over 54 games on mid at Riyadh Masters 2023 (Data via <a href=";mod=heroes-positions-position_1.2" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener nofollow">Spectral</a> on July 26)
Snapfire has 61 percent winrate over 54 games on mid at Riyadh Masters 2023 (Data via Spectral on July 26)

It was so effective that PSG.LGD first picked Snapfire on game two. Unfortunately, they were not able to replicate Quest's success. Quest immediately responded with a Primal Beast, one of their best heroes, and played him on mid. While the Primal Beast quickly came online with a ridiculously fast Black King Bar pickup [12 minutes], the Snapfire struggled all game with a horrendous KDA of 1-6-1. PSG.LGD's carry Faceless Void did not fare well either and went 1-5-2. Needless to say, game two ended one-sidedly in favor for Quest.

Even though it has been a while, it was quite expected for PSG.LGD, the former Riyadh Masters champions, to leave the tournament short of the finals. Meanwhile, Quest remained unfazed despite dropping to the lower bracket early (by Talon Esports) and will next meet either Gaimin Gladiators or Tundra Esports on July 28.

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