Pure calls out the terrible state of Immortal matchmaking and the stale gameplay patch.

Tundra Esports' carry player, Ivan "Pure" Moskalenko, just publicly expressed his disappointment in Dota 2. He called out the terrible state of matchmaking while also highlighting the stale gameplay patch. Ultimately Pure stated that Dota 2 is dying due to these reasons.

I hate when people are saying that [Dota 2] is dying, but it is I guess.


Pure complains about the state of Dota 2

The entire crew of Tundra Esports are currently absent from the ongoing high-profile tournament, PGL Wallachia. Despite qualifying for the event, they are forced to sit out of the tournament due to VISA issues. Following the first day of the Group Stage, Pure took to his Twitter/X to compain about the state of Dota 2.

While everyone is busy watching [PGL Wallachia] just wanna remind you that last major update was on 18 December 2023 of our favourite game. Matchmaking games are at their worst time EVER in Dota (thank you Immortal draft). I hate when people are saying that [Dota 2] is dying, but it is I guess.

In his tweet, Pure specifically mentioned that the last major Dota 2 update was on December 18 last year. Though this date is a slight miss as the massive 7.35 patch was released on December 14 2023. But his point remains as it has been almost six months since Valve releases a fresh gameplay patch.

Pure also stated that the Immortal bracket's matchmaking and drafting is currently at its worst. He is not the first professional player and Dota 2 personality to complain about Immortal drafting. It is also a constant topic of discussion on Reddit.

What's wrong with Immortal matchmaking?

Dota 2's matchmaking sees a different system for the Immortal bracket. This bracket comprises high-skill players and professional players all in one pool. The main problems that are pointed out by top players are:

  • There are no role-queue.
  • Too high of a gap in the Immortal matchmaking which pits 6K to 13K+ players together.
  • The captain role for each team going to the highest rank by default.
  • The mix of solo and party players and how they can be in opposite teams.

These problems are causing a ton of chaos in Immortal matchmaking. High-rank players have pointed out that you can have all core players or all support players in a team. A Redditor also suggests that the Captain role is given using another method instead of it going to the highest rank player in the team.

Another big issue is the solo and party mix. There is no strict solo matchmaking and party members can actually be selected into different teams. This poses a huge risk of any sort of matchfixing like throwing, griefing, or info sharing.

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