New is apparently better than the old as PSG.LGD takes their predecessors at Azure Ray out of the Bali Major.

If there's anything we can learn from the Chinese grudge match between PSG.LGD and Azure Ray it's that the new is often better than old. In the Bali Major lower bracket match between the two aforementioned teams, PSG.LGD were able to outmatch their predecessors, beating them 2-1.

Never doubt the fy-god

Azure Ray fy with spectacular performance on support Clockwerk in game one (Results via <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener nofollow">Dotabuff</a>)
Azure Ray fy with spectacular performance on support Clockwerk in game one (Results via Dotabuff)

In the first series, fy showed the world why he is still one of the best supports in Dota. Boasting an impeccable Hookshot accuracy, fy dominated the game with a 7-0 score on his deadly Clockwerk. He also went with a Blademail build which worked well against a lineup which appeared to deal massive damage.

Though PSG.LGD managed to bite back and equalized the second game, and had complete control in the third. In the third match, they brought out an all-mech lineup with Timbersaw, Clockwerk and the famous NothingToSay Tinker. Azure Ray stood no chance and fell to LGD with a final score of 10-36.

Azure Ray will play the China Regional Qualifier

Many were hopeful to see the resurgence of the LGD remnants comprising old guards Yang "chalice" Shenyi, Xu "fy" Linsen and Lu "Somnus" Yao. Alas, their Bali Major journey ended, resulting a 7th-8th place finish. In any case, there was no way Azure Ray could qualify for The International 2023 (TI12) via Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) points. Even if they won, they would've accumulated 700 points, which is below that of any teams at contention for TI12. However, their fans would've still wanted them to go all the way.

Azure Ray will compete in the Chinese Regional Qualifier to win their last chance to enter TI12 through direct invite. They will face a number of strong opponents such as Xtreme Gaming and Team Aster, who were recently eliminated from Bali Major as well.

PSG.LGD will move forward to the third round of lower bracket. They will face the upper bracket loser between Gaimin Gladiators and Quest Esports on July 8.

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