Wallachia Returns to Bucharest

PGL has announced Season 2 of PGL Wallachia. The next season of the event will take place in October this year, soon after The International 2024. The announcement comes shortly after Valve released the dates for The International 2024.

PGL Wallachia 2024 Announced

Soon after Valve released information about The International 2024, PGL came up with its own announcement about PGL Wallachia Season 2. The next PGL Wallachia event will take place in early October with 16 teams. 

The tournament will have a Swiss System group stage and a double-elimination playoffs. The sixteen teams will battle it out from October 1 - 13, 2024 and compete for a massive prize pool of a million dollars. 

The Group stage will have sixteen teams out of which ten will be direct invites. The remaining six teams will join in from the Open and Closed qualifiers. Only the top eight teams will advance to the Playoffs, which means the stakes are high for everyone concerned.

The Playoffs will have the top eight teams from the group stage and clash in a double-elimination format. Teams will have two opportunities to prove themselves. However, losing two matches means they are out of the event. All matches will be best-of-three series with only the Grand Finals having a different format. The Finals will have a best-of-five format and the winner gets a substantial part of the prize money.

The Qualifiers for the group stage take place from August 9-17 with the qualifiers being open to everyone wanting to join in. 

PGL Wallachia Season 1 took place from May 10-19 and featured some of the best teams in action. After several days of intense competition, PGL Team Spirit won the event after a 3-2 victory over Xtreme Gaming in the Grand Finals. 

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