Patch 7.35d: Chen and Revenant’s Brooch nerfed, Divine Rapier now toggle-able cover image

Patch 7.35d: Chen and Revenant’s Brooch nerfed, Divine Rapier now toggle-able

Another letter patch? Yes, Patch 7.35d is here and it includes some pretty interesting changes.

Valve has just released a gameplay update in Dota 2, Patch 7.35d. While this means the Crownfall hype has to be put on hold, we have another set of changes to analyze. The notorious Chen is nerfed, the ever so annoying Revenant's Brooch is targeted, and our beloved Divine Rapier can now be toggled. Read more for all the biggest changes in Patch 7.35d!

Item changes in Patch 7.35d

Eye of Skadi
Helm of the Dominator/Overlord
Null Talisman
Black King Bar
Shadow Blade/Silver Edge
Magic Stick/Wand
Manta Style
Revenant's Brooch

Most of the item changes are quite significant in Patch 7.35d. The Divine Rapier gradually becomes a more and more fun item to get. Its damage bonus is now a flat 100 and it doesn't provide the 25% Spell Amp by default anymore. Instead, you can toggle the item to get either benefits - one for +250 damage and the other for +25% Spell Amp.

The Eye of Skadi sees great buffs with additional health and mana bonus. The lightning trio - Maelstrom, Mjollnir, and Gleipnir - are all nerfed as the lightning proc chance is notched down 5%. You now have to be mindful about spamming your magic wand, as the Magic Stick /Wand now have a 2-second longer cooldown.

Valve also puts the nerf hammer on top of the Orchid of Malevolence and Bloodthorn. The mana regen bonus and intelligence bonus are decreased. Meanwhile its Soul Burn mana cost is increased.

The Revenant's Brooch is likely one of the most hoped for nerf this patch. And fortunately, it is one of the targeted nerfs. This notorious weapon can no longer apply critical strikes when enabled. [We have foreseen that following this change, Phantom Assassin pick rate will drop.]

Shadow Blade and Silver Edge also received buffs. The invisible enthusiasts will love this change as you can be invisible for an additional 3 seconds!

Hero changes in Patch 7.35d

*Highlighted heroes have bigger buffs/nerfs than others.

Ancient Apparation
Centaur Warrunner
Arc Warden
Crystal Maiden
Dragon Knight
Chaos Knight
Faceless Void
Dark Willow
Drow Ranger
Earth Spirit
Ember Spirit
Shadow Fiend
Naga Siren
Primal Beast
Templar Assassin
Void Spirit
Troll Warlord

Centaur Warrunner has been the go to offlane for some time now. It is not a surprise to see the cart-wielder face some nerfs. Its Hoof Stomp damage is decreased by 20 and its Health Regen talent on Level 10 is also down from +5 to +4.

One of the most anticipated nerfs come at last. Patch 7.35d targeted Chen with a Penitence nerf and Divine Favor bonus armor decrease. The numbers are quite massive but could it be enough to stop Chen from dominating the draft phase again?

Lifestealer is one of the carries that has to deal with a heavy nerf. Three of its spells are affected: Rage's movement speed bonus is notched down by 3%, its Infest cast range with Aghanim's Scepter is decreased by 100, and its Open Wounds cast range is taken down by 200.

Patch 7.35d wants to see Necrophos back in the game! The green wraith sees buffs on three of its talents - two for Level 10 and one for Level 15.

Underlord got a ton of buffs in this new patch. Its Pit of Malice Aghanim's Scepter upgrade now increases its radius by 100 instead of slowing the enemy's movement speed. This effect however, is now sitting at the Level 15 talent, replacing the +75 Pit of Malice AoE. Underlord's Atrophy Aura has also turned more powerful with additional bonus damage per creep.

You can read the full Patch 7.35d patch notes here.

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