Over 30,000 visitors marked a momentous collaboration that sees the Pan American Esports Championships become part of the Pan American Games.

A partnership between the Global Esports Federation and Panam Sports unites worlds with the inaugural Pan American Esports Championships. The PEC is now a part of the Santiago 2023 Pan American Games. The collaboration has been labeled much more than that, with the partnership being called a pivotal movement in the world of sports and esports.

Pan American Esports Championships expands its reach through 2023 Pan American Games

(Image via Ben Queenborough/GEF)
(Image via Ben Queenborough/GEF)

The 2023 Pan American Games takes place in Santiago, Chile. On November 1, the games held its opening ceremony. And for the first time ever, esports athletes shared the stage with their traditional athletic counterparts.

Over 100 esports athletes from 25 countries across the Americas participated in the welcome ceremony of PEC. The Pan American Village sees two worlds collide as esports players and traditional athletes alike prove that they belong.

“This historic integration of esports into the Pan American Games is a testament to the inclusive nature of our community. Esports is no longer just a pastime; it's a movement, and today, we take a giant step forward in showcasing its cultural significance and the power of collaboration.”

- Paul J. Foster, CEO of Global Esports Federation
(Image via Ben Queenborough/GEF)
(Image via Ben Queenborough/GEF)

Another milestone for the PEC's inclusion in the Pan American Games is its focus on gender equality. The Pan American Esports Championships feature Open and Women's categories in both Dota 2 and eFootball 2024.

Nearly 40 traditional sports competition will be held throughout the event alongside the two esports titles. This is just the beginning for PEC during the Pan American Games. Future years will almost certainly expand the esports section.

The Dota 2 and eFootball 2024 portions of the event begin on November 2. They end on November 4, taking place at the National Stadium Sports Park in Santiago. Esports athletes will also be a part of the closing ceremony on November 5.

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