Old G forced to play 4 vs 5 after Aramis’ baffling disconnect in WEU DPC cover image

Old G forced to play 4 vs 5 after Aramis’ baffling disconnect in WEU DPC

Aramis disconnects right after the drafting phase, leaving Old G with a handicap.

One of the most bizarre things just occurred in the Dota 2 sphere today as Old G charged into the Western Europe (WEU) Dota 2 Pro Circuit (DPC) against Nigma Galaxy. Old G entered the game lobby with their full squad, including Adam "Aramis" Moroz, who has apparently gone rogue days before. However, it ended with Old G playing 4 vs 5 and ultimately losing the series, puzzling the casters and audience.

What happened in the Old G vs NGX match?

WEU DPC Division II resumes today with a prominent series between Dota 2 veterans - Old G vs Nigma Galaxy. While it is one of the most anticipated series of the Tour, it ended in a way no one could have expected.

A couple of days before, Volodymyr "No[o]ne-" Minenko revealed that Old G's pos 4, Aramis, decided to abruptly leave the team without any reason. This explained his absence for two series against IVY and Alliance. This departure could have led to an inevitable disqualification for Old G at the of the season, however, Aramis returned in today's series vs NGX.

Aramis returned to play with Old G, but disconnects after the drafting phase.
Aramis returned to play with Old G, but disconnects after the drafting phase.

However, things quickly turned sour. Right after the drafting phase, Aramis disconnected from the game. There was a long pause and Old G stated that it was due to technical issues. Throughout the wait, Ceb even tipped Aramis once.

During the pause, Ceb tipped Aramis.
During the pause, Ceb tipped Aramis.

Soon after, Topson all-chatted a "g" (go) despite Aramis still logged off from Dota 2. NGX's Yuma "Yuma" Langlet typed a question mark but Old G unpaused the game anyways, purposely moving into the series playing 4 vs 5. Throughout the game, Old G controlled Aramis' Bounty Hunter, trying their best to make it out handicapped.

Ultimately, Old G faltered and lost the first game in 20 minutes. Old G also forfeited the second game and NGX ended the day with a quick 2-0 win in their bag.

Old G taps out of game one in 20 minutes after playing 4 vs 5.
Old G taps out of game one in 20 minutes after playing 4 vs 5.

You can watch the full VOD here.

Casters and audience baffled - why did Aramis disconnect?

There were no reasons or explanations regarding the situation so far. However, there is a solid theory as to why Aramis returned, though he ended up not playing at all.

Fans believe Old G had convinced Aramis to complete one series with the team. This will save Old G from any potential disqualifications for using excessive stand-ins in WEU DPC. Aramis entered the lobby, and picked his hero, but likely refused to play.

Caster Robson "TeaGuvnor" Merritt stated: "So technically the rule is, you have to have five players enter the lobby to be able to play a game. I asked this last time, cause it happened before, where a player didnt want to play right. So Aramis was in the game, he picked his hero, so now they are in the game. But this is a legal thing to occur due to the fact the game has started.. 4 vs 5 from the get-go."

"Aramis is not bad-mannered, he just can't play, these things happen," Ceb said a day before

A day prior, Ceb had even stated the team's willingness to play 4 vs 5 to avoid disqualification. On Gorgc's stream, the pos 3 of Old G talked about their desperate situation following Aramis' absence.

"We don't even know what's going on. Maybe it's personal issues or something, it happened very suddenly. He was not like a bad guy, or bad-mannered at all, quite the opposite. He just can't play, these things happen," Ceb stood by his pos 4 player. But he continued to express his worry regarding the possible disqualification.

"I think we are in trouble, we kind of need him to play at least one series. I don't know what happens in these cases, we are even down to play 4 vs 5. We just don't want to get disqualified again."

Although Old G concluded the day with a series loss, the team will not face disqualification for future usage of stand-ins. We will update this story with any statements from Aramis or members of Old G. Until then, stay tuned to esports.gg for the latest Dota 2 news and updates.