The BO3 series between OG and Team Secret was definitely hyped as 1.39 Million viewers tuned in.

It is only one day into The International 10 Main Event and we are already seeing records broken left and right. Esports Charts revealed that the OG vs Team Secret series was the most popular matchup so far, accumulating up to 1.39M views for the BO3. The lowest result of the day is unexpectedly between Evil Geniuses and Elephant in the Lower Bracket BO1 series. More info on TI10 Main Event Day 1’s viewership can be found below.

OG vs Team Secret breaks TI10 viewership record

The second series of the day featured high-profile names in the world of Dota 2. OG, is the back-to-back and also defending champion of the year meanwhile Team Secret, is the conqueror of 2020. 

Both the social media platforms for OG and Team Secret are heavily active and they constantly exchange friendly banter. The lead-up to possibly the hottest match of the day definitely influenced a lot of people to tune in. 

According to Esports Charts, the OG vs Team Secret B03 witnessed the highest viewership peak for TI10 so far, reaching 1.39 Million views. This number not only breaks TI10’s record but is also now “the highest results of the first day of the playoffs in the history of TI”.

OG vs Team Secret Viewership Stats<br>Source: Esports Charts
OG vs Team Secret Viewership Stats
Source: Esports Charts

In 2019, TI’s most popular game on the first day of playoffs was between NAVI and Mineski. The series raked in 1.19 Million peak viewership.

TI10 vs TI9 Main Event Day 1 stats<br>Source: Esports Charts
TI10 vs TI9 Main Event Day 1 stats
Source: Esports Charts

Evil Geniuses vs Elephant was the lowest viewed series of the day

Team Spirit vs Invictus Gaming had a 1.1 Million peak viewership. This is 28% more than the opening match of the 2019 Playoffs.

Another star-studded series that took place was a BO1 series between Evil Geniuses and Elephant. However, it didn’t live up to the hype. Its viewership peaked at 840k, which was the lowest result of the day.

Out of the four Lower Bracket matches that took place, only Team Undying vs Fnatic managed to reach over a million peak viewership. 

Valve initially planned for TI10 to have a live audience. But due to cases of COVID-19 surging in Romania, we are now settling with a Riki crowd in the Arena Naţională.

Dota 2 fans are all watching the event online and this could possibly be the boosting factor to TI10’s viewership. This is only the first day of TI10 Main Event. More records can possibly be broken in the next few days, so keep an eye out!

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