No barracks, no problem. OG make an epic comeback against Ooredo Thunders after dragging the game to 80 minutes.

Once again, OG have pulled off the impossible. Long-time fans are no strangers to the fact that OG perform best under pressure. In their first game against Ooredo Thunders in the WEU DPC Tour 2, OG made a comeback and won after losing all their barracks. This incredible stunt is reminiscent of the time they made an epic turnaround against Fnatic at the 2022 Stockholm Major.

Anti Mage gets a much needed boost to help OG beat Ooredo in game one

In just under 20 minutes, OG was already looking lost and were crumbling under Ooredo's dominance. They were down 10k gold with a 5-15 KDA. However, OG was somehow able to keep up their defense and dragged the game all the way to 80 minutes — enough time for Artem "Yuragi" Golubiev's Anti Mage to come online. In fact, it was when the Anti Mage killed the 10 killstreak Zeus which started his onslaught to carry the wounded OG to a win. That kill alone gave him three levels and a sweet pot of 2,068 gold.

Yet despite that small victory, OG continued to flounder throughout the game. Nearing the 60-minute mark, Ooredo pressured and took all of OG's barracks causing the mega creeps to appear. At this point, it looked like OG was ready to tap out. However, in a very OG style, the impossible became possible. They rallied and kept winning every team fight. Eventually, what was once a 20k gold deficit became a 55k surplus. The tension continued to rise until the very last minute when OG and Ooredo locked each other in a base race. OG came first in destroying the throne.

OG had a similar start for the second game where Ooredo took an early advantage. But overall, the game was not as close or as intense as the first. It did not take long for OG to turn things around; And once they did, they were able to hold the advantage to the end, beating Ooredo 2-0.

OG's win probability turn to their side from Ooredo 72 minutes into the game (Image via Dota)
OG's win probability turn to their side from Ooredo 72 minutes into the game (Image via Dota)

OG the comeback kings

OG have not been doing great prior to their Ooredo series this Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) season. They lost to Tundra Esports and Team Liquid. Winning against Ooredo in such a manner should give OG the much needed confidence booster. After all, they did it in such a similar way to how they made "the greatest comeback in Dota 2 history" and won ESL One Stockholm Major — a moment that was fondly talked about in the OG documentary, which was released just the day before the Ooredo series.

Will OG repeat history and make an epic comeback to win the DPC WEU Tour 2? Will Chu's return to the squad be the ticket to their first Major of the year--The Berlin Major? Perhaps. But before that, they must once again face another difficult opponent: The Lima Major champions, Gaimin Gladiators. Catch their game on Mar. 20, 9:00 AM PST and tune in to Esports for more news on the DPC.

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