OG left out of Lima as Entity and Tundra pack for Peru at end of Tiebreakers cover image

OG left out of Lima as Entity and Tundra pack for Peru at end of Tiebreakers

Infinite tiebreakers were not so infinite on their second day as OG lose out to Tundra Esports and Entity, missing a trip to Peru.

After two days of tiebreakers, Entity and Tundra Esports have locked in their spot at the Lima Major, defeating OG in the final matchups of the DPC WEU 2023 Tour 1: Division I. OG fell to Entity in the third round of Tiebreakers, ending the infinite tiebreaker cycle and eliminating OG from contention.

Over the past two days, we’ve seen nine matches between these three squads. Tied for third position with a record of 4-3, each team was locked into tiebreakers two trips to Lima on the line. But infinite tiebreakers don’t quite mean infinite, at least in the hyper-competitive WEU region. And after a Liquipedia bracket that looked like we were seeing double on Jan. 30, things wrapped up for good on Jan. 31.

Tundra and Entity to Lima Major after defeating OG in tiebreakers

Tundra Esports and Entity now head to the Lima Major, as the third and fourth members of the WEU DPC to do so. Tundra also takes home 120 DPC points, and Entity 60. OG is left with a paltry 30. The teams can also report they’re bringing home at leat $25,000 each in prize money.

However, even with tickets to the Lima Major, not everyone is sure they’re heading there. Last week, Wu "Sneyking" Jingjun, TI winner and Tundra’s five position tweeted that he wasn’t sure the Peruvian major was even going to happen.

This tweet in part prompted Esports.gg to reach out to organizers 4D Esports for comment on the upcoming Lima Major. And although the organizer assured us of the safety, it is hard to read stories of the ongoing protests and conflict in the country, and expect a major international esports event to take place there. Especially one day after the Peace Corps, a US government organization, pulled out of the county over safety concerns.

While less DPC points, no trip to the Major, and a sobering defeat may have been handed to OG, it could be a blessing in disguise. OG, as an organization, has never been dissuaded by a challenge, and some hunger and desire to prove their worth in Tour 2 could be exactly what the doctor ordered.