After Secret decimated OG in a smooth BO2, we now witness OG dropping to the Lower Bracket for the first time since 2017.

The second series of TI10 brought to us the first-ever matchup of Team Secret against OG on the stage of TI. Not only this, the two teams have a spicy history, and mixed with all the social media banters, we were presented with an amazing series. Team Secret did not hesitate to bring its best Dota to the table, convincingly outplaying the defending champions in a smooth BO2. OG will attempt a Lower Bracket run for the first time in 4 years. Here is the recap of Team Secret vs OG.

OG struggles against Secret in their First Matchup in History

Team Secret went for the Morphling - Earthshaker combo for the first match against an Ursa-IO pair from OG. After a laning phase that seemed to be in Secret’s favor, OG engaged in several teamfights that put their heroes back on board.

But Secret’s high mobility heroes were eventually too difficult to handle. Nisha’s Ember Spirit with his Aghanim’s Scepter buff became a nuisance for OG. The Morphling and Earthshaker jumped in and out of fights with their Scepters, and though OG can take up a head-to-head fight, they struggled to counter the kiting. After multiple teamfights, Secret stomped the opponent’s base and OG waved the white flag.

The first game was one of the most exciting ones in the playoffs so far. The teams were constantly fighting, OG cause of the nature of their draft and Team Secret, because they did not want to give OG an early lead. Eventually,

Team Secret delivers a merciless stomp

The second game witnessed a flawless snowball from Team Secret. Matumbaman’s Ursa wanted to secure an early Roshan and OG, in an attempt to contest it, was obliterated by Secret. The net worth for Secret racked up higher from then on and OG struggled to recover. Team Secret demolished through OG’s base after a ton of merciless pick-offs. With a massive 28k gold lead in only 27 minutes, Secret ended the 42-4 stomping fiesta.

Puppey has a Message for OG

In the post-match interview, Team Secret's captain has something to say for the defending champions.

Team Secret is currently on a roll! They will proceed to the next round in the Upper Bracket against Invictus Gaming on 14th October. They have also secured the top 6 placing of the tournament. This defeat for OG marks the first time that the team will play in the Lower Bracket since 2017. The team will face the winner of Quincy Crew vs Team Aster tomorrow on 13th October. The TI journey for OG looks tougher now that elimination is on the line, but will the power of friendship and sunflowers help them through? We can only anticipate.

You can refer to the Playoffs bracket here.

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