Offlane Meepo is becoming an increasingly popular choice for offlaners at Riyadh Masters. Jabz and JT are the first to pioneer them.

After making multiple appearances in the Riyadh Masters group stage, Meepo is a surprise pick of the moment as an offlaner. While he might not be in undefeated thus far, he may well find himself into your Dota 2 games.

Game two of Tundra Esports vs Talon Esports on July 22, Riyadh Masters Group Stage (Image via Dota client)
Game two of Tundra Esports vs Talon Esports on July 22, Riyadh Masters Group Stage (Image via Dota client)

Offlane Meepo is a lot more common than you think

If you start seeing offlane Meepo appearing in your pub games, you can thank Jabz for that. In the July 22 Riyadh Masters 2023 Group Stage series between Talon and Tundra Esports, Anucha "Jabz" Jirawong decided to play Meepo on the offlane.

The second game was a landslide victory for Talon who ended the game with 34-5. Jabz also dominated the game and went 6-1 on his Meepo. However, he is not the only person to play the hero at Riyadh Masters.

Meepo Stats at Riyadh Masters

  • Games played: 13
  • Wins: 6
  • Losses: 7

Typically Meepo would be a one-off pick at an event, but at the Riyadh Masters Meepo has appeared 13 times already. A total of 10 different teams have played Meepo so far; 9Pandas, Extreme Gaming, Talon, OG, Beastcoast, Team Liquid, Team Secret, Execration, Aster and Virtus.Pro.

The group stage is more than half-way complete and will finish on July 24, still leaving time for more Meepo action.

JTXtreme Gaming21
KiritychVirtus Pro01
ArmelTeam Secret01
Meepo appearances in the first four days of the groupstage

Offlane Meepo is the trend

The most common position for Meepo across the group stage was as a position 3 offlaner. If you feel like you might want to dabble a bit and spread your wings, here's a few quick tips on what items to go for and why.

What to build on an offlane Meepo?

  • Rod of Atos (to land Earthbind)
  • Aghanim Sceptre (boost defense)
  • Blink Dagger (to secure kills)

Out of all the possible item builds one can go for, Rod of Atos and Aghanim's Scepter are the two most vital choices. Rod of Atos makes it easier for Meepo to land Earthbind, which enhances his ability to lock enemies down in place.

Meanwhile, Agahnim's Scepter provides Meepo with the wonky Megameepo ability. This skill allows the multitude of Meepos to combine into one entity, which ultimately increases the hero's overall defense, a crucial attribute to offlaners. Blink Dagger and Scythe of Vyse are essential additions that help with securing kills.

Talon.Jabz offlane Meepo item build (Image via Dota client)
Talon.Jabz offlane Meepo item build (Image via Dota client)

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