ULTI Arena’s first grassroots Dota 2 tournament was a raging success. OB NEON esports took the win, but Atomic esports did not give up without a fight!

After a closely contested series, OB NEON esports won the ULTI Arena Dota 2 SEA tournament with a 2-1 victory over Atomic esports. 

The ULTI Arena is a grassroots tournament for the SEA Dota 2 fans. The tournament was a free-to-play event with no entry fee. We saw 18 Dota 2 teams, amateur and professional participate in the tournament. Ultimately, OB Neon esports won the tournament after a phenomenal performance by Mamanyay’s Lina.

Atomic esports faced OB NEON in the Grand Finals of the 10,000 USDT Ulti Arena SEA Finals.
Atomic esports faced OB NEON in the Grand Finals of the 10,000 USDT Ulti Arena SEA Finals.

A close battle but Mamangdaya’s Lina Dominates

It was a battle between the two SEA teams with OB Neon coming in as the clear favorites. The first game saw Tri Daya "MamangDaya" Pamungkas take a clear lead in the mid-game on his Lina. The 19-year-old had an aggressive playstyle and constantly had the support of his teammates. NEON took an early lead and built on it with constant aggression and counter-plays. NEON esports had a 10k Lead at the 21-minute mark, and Atomic Esports had all their hopes on their Anti-Mage. But placing all your fruits in one basket means that if Anti Mage was dead, the rest of the team was quickly cleaned up. The first game was relatively one-sided with OB Neon pulling ahead.

The second game saw Atomic esports pick up heroes like Outworld Destroyer and Phantom Lancer. One could say the team was a bit greedy, especially with Rubick support; however Atomic esports were always on the right track. Asta on his Phantom Lancer was especially the focal point for Atomic esports’ playstyle. With a late-game-oriented lineup, the early lead was a big positive for Atomic esports. Ultimately, it was only a matter of time and Atomic tied the series at 1-1. 

The third game saw Mamangdaya go back to his trademark Lina. And with a Palos Kunkka as a backup, NEON marched towards victory. Atomic tried something new with a support Queen of Pain, but it was not as effective as the Lion + Shadow Demon Support combo on OB Neon.

ULTI Arena prize pool Distribution

  • 1st place: OB NEON esports (5,000 USDT.)
  • 2nd place: Atomic esports (3,000 USDT.)
  • 3-4th place: MY/ UD Vessuwan (2,000 USDT.)

The ULTI Arena Dota 2 tournament had prize money paid out in USDT. USDT is a stable cryptocurrency, which means its value is pegged to 1 USD. 

The winners will be paid a maximum of 7 days after the final game. OB Neon esports ULTI Arena win is a great start for the team which recently made significant changes to its roster.

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