ULTI Arena’s first grassroots Dota 2 tournament was a raging success. OB NEON esports took the win, but Atomic esports did not give up without a fight!

After a closely contested series, OB NEON esports won the ULTI Arena Dota 2 SEA tournament with a 2-1 victory over Atomic esports. 

The ULTI Arena is a grassroots tournament for the SEA Dota 2 fans. The tournament was a free-to-play event with no entry fee. We saw 18 Dota 2 teams, amateur and professional participate in the tournament. Ultimately, OB Neon esports won the tournament after a phenomenal performance by Mamanyay’s Lina.

Atomic esports faced OB NEON in the Grand Finals of the 10,000 USDT Ulti Arena SEA Finals.

A close battle but Mamangdaya’s Lina Dominates

It was a battle between the two SEA teams with OB Neon coming in as the clear favorites. The first game saw Tri Daya “MamangDaya” Pamungkas take a clear lead in the mid-game on his Lina. The 19-year-old had an aggressive playstyle and constantly had the support of his teammates. NEON took an early lead and built on it with constant aggression and counter-plays. NEON esports had a 10k Lead at the 21-minute mark, and Atomic Esports had all their hopes on their Anti-Mage. But placing all your fruits in one basket means that if Anti Mage was dead, the rest of the team was quickly cleaned up. The first game was relatively one-sided with OB Neon pulling ahead.

The second game saw Atomic esports pick up heroes like Outworld Destroyer and Phantom Lancer. One could say the team was a bit greedy, especially with Rubick support; however Atomic esports were always on the right track. Asta on his Phantom Lancer was especially the focal point for Atomic esports’ playstyle. With a late-game-oriented lineup, the early lead was a big positive for Atomic esports. Ultimately, it was only a matter of time and Atomic tied the series at 1-1. 

The third game saw Mamangdaya go back to his trademark Lina. And with a Palos Kunkka as a backup, NEON marched towards victory. Atomic tried something new with a support Queen of Pain, but it was not as effective as the Lion + Shadow Demon Support combo on OB Neon.

ULTI Arena prize pool Distribution

  • 1st place: OB NEON esports (5,000 USDT.)
  • 2nd place: Atomic esports (3,000 USDT.)
  • 3-4th place: MY/ UD Vessuwan (2,000 USDT.)

The ULTI Arena Dota 2 tournament had prize money paid out in USDT. USDT is a stable cryptocurrency, which means its value is pegged to 1 USD. 

The winners will be paid a maximum of 7 days after the final game. OB Neon esports ULTI Arena win is a great start for the team which recently made significant changes to its roster.

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