After Nouns Esports got a massive win over TSM FTX, carry player Costabile talked with talent about their strategy and their plans going forward

In a stunning victory, Nouns Esports have knocked TSM FTX out of contention for a major slot at Arlington. With this incredibly important win for Nouns, they are now within striking distance of a slot at the Major. Now if Quincy Crew wins their next series against Evil Geniuses, Nouns are virtually guaranteed a trip to the major.

A competitive game one

In game one, both Nouns and TSM broke out unique drafts. Nouns picked Bristleback as the position two for Nicolas “Gunnar” Lopez as they attempted to play a fast-paced composition. Meanwhile TSM also attempted a fast-paced lineup with an Alchemist, and a more unusual Snapfire mid for Jonathan Bryle “Bryle” Santos De Guia. The game was relatively close and high octane, with about a kill-per-minute at the 20-minute mark.

Nouns were able to get a 20-minute Roshan and get some good pickoffs. Enzo “Timado” Gianoli O’Connor’s Alchemist seemed to spiral out of control, including getting a rampage about 30 minutes in. However, after a mistimed Roshan respawn, TSM missed their opportunity to get the Aegis and Nouns were able to capitalize. After a team fight win they were right back in the game. As a result, Nouns were able to turn it around and win the game.

Nouns wipe the floor with TSM

In game two, Nouns stunned everyone, absolutely wiping the floor with TSM. The early game started surprisingly even as the teams traded farm and kills. All of a sudden, a gank onto Timado led into a massive chain feed by TSM. Guilherme Silva “Costabile” Costábile was able to gobble up kills as Lifestealer and really blow the game wide open. The game ended in 20 minutes, one of the shortest in the NA DPC this season.

Costabile on all of the emotions

After their victory, the panel got a change to talk to Nouns carry Costabile after the match. Neal “tsunami” Khandheria first asked how Costabile felt getting new uniforms and winning the match. Costabile responded: “We got the t-shirts just today… I’m glad they’re here. You just wanna spread the meme, as they say.” He continued: “I feel really great. I feel like we were kinda nervous in game one and we made like, some mistakes in some team fights, but to my eyes, I think we were in control the entire game. We’re gonna win if we scale, if we don’t die. We don’t care about this out-farming, as long the other cores are not also farming. In game two after the mid shenanigans, we felt like we owned the map.”

Tsunami followed up, asking how they felt in game one after Alchemist got the rampage. Costabile responded saying, “yeah it was pretty scary because he gets a rampage at 30 minutes in, and you’re like ‘oh no.’ We just didn’t play the fight that well, we got killed in the back line. our two biggest damage cores got killed without getting off any spells. Every thing went wrong in that fight.” He went on to say, “I was like ‘alright guys, all we have to do is push our buttons and not die and it’s an easy game.’ But it was scary as the rampage pops out for sure.”

“We got the t-shirts just today… I’m glad they’re here. You just wanna spread the meme, as they say”

Costabile on the team’s new uniforms

Game thoughts

Tsunami then asked if Nouns was expecting the quick game two. Costabile said that “I think we also felt good about our draft in game two. We were not expecting it to be that quick, but I think we out-drafted.” Talking about TSM’s mid play: “Of course it was a good idea for them to TP mid cause you don’t want to give up the pressure, but they just chased us out of the tower and like, chain fed. You have to be in the right place to take the opportunity. Because even if you’re not there, they’re going to TP the carry and it’s a good play for them. It’s just the matter of understanding, we’re in the right place at the right time.”

Kevin “Purge” Godec next asked how Nouns felt about going up against Viper in the late game during game two. Costabile responded that “I feel like most of the time, Viper just falls off unless he’s like 5-0 in his lane. I’m pretty sure all you have to do is not chain feed the Viper. He still does something against Lifestealer because his ult still goes through the magic immunity, but if we don’t chain feed, we have other good heroes… other heroes are gonna carry the game as well.”

“You have to be in the right place to take the opportunity”

Costabile on capitalizing on mistakes

Emotions running high

Purge then asked how the team was feeling after they had won, and who he was hugging at the end. Costabile said that “yeah it was Husky because Husky is our old zoomer. I’m not sure if he’s the youngest I think Gunnar is the youngest. He [Husky] just has a lot of emotions and he was kinda feeling down after the last week not because of Dota but because of other stuff.” Costabile continued, saying: “I just felt really happy after we won, after we played well because he was like, very cheerful, so I just went and hugged him.”

Mira “Ephey” Riad, next asked what the team was going to do to celebrate after their win. Costabile said: “I don’t know. I don’t think we’re technically qualified yet, so we have to wait and see the results. Once we are actually qualified, we’re just gonna, like, chill and hope for the best. Why not keep improving? I feel the ultimate goal is just to get better and play TI and play our best!”

“I just felt really happy after we won, after we played well because he was like, very cheerful, so I just went and hugged him.”

Costabile on huggin Husky after the game

A lot of what-ifs

Ephey then asked if the team was going to put any effort into preparing for potential tiebreakers. Costabile responded in the affirmative: “If it happens we have to prepare. We’re just gonna play our best.” He continued: “we still have to do our part, we still have to win against 5ratforcestaff. They’re not a bad team at all. We have to prepare. There’s not much we can do at all after we do our part. So we just have to hope for the best and if there’s tiebreakers we just have to play our best.”

The Nouns will have to wait to see if they will qualify to Arlington, or if they will play tiebreakers. Will Quincy beat EG and secure both their slot, and Noun’s slot at the major. Stay with us to find out here at!

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