Old Talon meeting at Copenhagen: Mikoto will go still under Talon’s banner; the rest will be playing for Aurora!

By the end of the 2023 season, Talon was one of the strongest SEA teams. They got a third place on Riyadh Masters, but their TI run wasn't as successful. This led to four players leaving the team to play for Aurora, and Talon had to rebuild around young players. After this, fans thought it was the end for Talon. Little did they know that, months later, they would crush TI 2024 SEA qualifiers.

Talon Esports' run is still a surprise for many, as they fell short during their attempt to qualify for Riyadh Masters 2024. There, the team was eliminated by Blacklist International. Not to mention their recent elimination by the hand of Team Tough during RES Regional Series, a Tier 3 tournament on the SEA region.

Talon Esports: A young team, commanded by experienced minds

Talon Esports won TI 2024 SEA qualifiers with one of the youngest players in the region and the entire scene: Chung "WS" Wei Shen. The Malaysian offlaner reached 12K MMR back in April and is currently 18 years old.

However, the team is not only formed by new blood. The team's coach is the legendary Johan "pieliedie" Åström, whose career began on the year 2012. Talon announced him by the start of the year, highlighting that it's his first time coaching a team.

To secure the first SEA slot for The International, Talon had to go through Aurora. Mikoto, the team's midlaner, had to face his former teammates now playing for the enemy team. But he didn't hesitate, helping the team secure a 2-0 victory to earn the chance to play for the Aegis of Champions.

Aurora dominates the Lowe Bracket Final: Qualifies to The International 2024

Defeat didn't take away Aurora's confidence. After a 68 minutes-long first game, the experienced team went into game two with a solid strategy: Pick 23savage's Gyrocopter, win games.

Aurora had to beat TNC Predator to secure their slot on TI 2024 SEA qualifiers. TNC didn't get a direct invite for the closed qualifiers, but still managed to get there through opens. The beloved local squad played with a roster full stars, including the renowned player Carlo "Kuku" Palad. Unfortunately, the team has been playing together only for a month, which wasn't enough time to prepare for The International 13.

Talon won't be playing any other tournament until The International, but there's a chance they qualify for Elite League S2. On the other hand, Aurora is now getting ready for Riyadh Masters 2024.

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