BREAKING: Young Nigma Galaxy carry player iLTW has parted ways with the organization after a rough tour 2 in the WEU DPC.

It's the end of an era. Nigma Galaxy have parted ways with their young carry player, Igor "iLTW" Filatov. After a rough season in the DPC, in which the team was knocked into Division 2, it's likely that the team felt that they needed to make some changes.

The history with iLTW

The young Russian joined the team back in April of last year. At that point, Nigma needed to do amazing at the Animajor, to be able to qualify for the International based on points. The team plowed on through the wildcard round and set the meta for the tournament. They made it all the way to the Upper Bracket until they were eliminated by Evil Geniuses directly after being knocked down to the lower bracket by PSG.LGD. iLTW was instrumental for the team in ramping up their play after a rough first tour in that DPC, and he helped bring them out on the danger of the wildcards.

What went wrong?

This season, however, did not work out so well for the team. The team lost every series that they played only winning a close series against team Secret. Overall, the team looked lost, with drafts that didn't really pan out. The team got stomped pretty in some games and just outplayed in some others. It's unclear exactly what the problem was with the team's gameplay. However, it appears the team felt that they needed a new carry.

This new change has led to some speculation that Nigma Galaxy will pick up star carry player Syed Sumail "SumaiL" Hassan. The TI-winning carry player recently parted ways with Team Secret.

There is no telling where iLTW might go next. However, iLTW is a skilled player and there could be any number of teams that want to pick him up. For more roster shuffle news, stick with us here at!