Nigma Galaxy reveals complete Dota 2 roster for 2024 cover image

Nigma Galaxy reveals complete Dota 2 roster for 2024

Nigma Galaxy’s Dota 2 roster is now complete with the addition of Ghost and rmN-.

The popular Middle Eastern organization, Nigma Galaxy, has just unveiled its complete Dota 2 roster for the new season. Following the exciting return of Miracle- and SumaiL, Nigma also welcomed Ghost and rmN- to the team. This lineup will be led by the renowned captain, KuroKy.

Nigma Galaxy's complete Dota 2 roster is as follows:

  • Amer "Miracle-" Al-Barkawi
  • Sumail "SumaiL" Hassan
  • Daniel "Ghost" Chan
  • Roman "rmN-" Paley
  • Kuro "KuroKy" Salehi Takhasomi

Ghost and rmN- complete Nigma Galaxy's lineup

Ghost is a Malaysian player who has represented a number of well-known organizations. He's played for Chinese powerhouses such as Royal Never Give Up and his latest team, Xtreme Gaming. The 25-year-old mains the carry position. But according to Liquipedia, Ghost will assume the offlane position as Miracle- takes over the position one.

Ghost has attended The International 2022 when he was playing for RNG. But the player has yet to have a breakthrough performance. Perhaps 2024 would be his year as he embarks on a new journey alongside star veterans in Nigma Galaxy.

Nigma Galaxy's pos 4 is a familiar face in the team. RmN- is a veteran that has competed in Dota 2 for the past decade. He has served as Nigma Galaxy's coach since 2019 (even during the Team Liquid days). He also substituted for a player in the team multiple times throughout the past few years.

But in 2024, he comes out of the coach bubble and once again steps into competitive play. He is now an official part of Nigma Galaxy's Dota 2 roster.

The revamped Nigma Galaxy is definitely bizarre yet exciting. For the past few years, Nigma Galaxy had struggled to make it on top, missing The International for three years in a row. The team needed a reset and this new roster might be its turning point.

Will Nigma Galaxy finally find its way under the limelight or will they face the same struggle in the new season?

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