A battle to avoid relegation – Nigma Galaxy defeated Alliance in convincing fashion; finally getting a breather from the red zone.

A battle of the bottom placings took place today and as odd as it might sound, the fight to avoid relegation is between two powerhouse organizations, Nigma Galaxy and Alliance. Both teams went through a rough beginning to DPC, scoring an overall score of 1-3. This result placed them near the bottom of the table, with Coolguys already sitting at the last place. This means both NGX and Alliance had to put forth their A-game to get a breather from the scary red zone.

But between the two, NGX came better prepared. Here’s what took place in the BO3.

Nigma Galaxy shuts down Alliance 

The early phase for game one was tough on NGX’s carry. ILTW’s Ursa was way down on the net worth chart, sitting among the supports while Nikobaby’s Sven was comfortably farmed. However, even with a decent early advantage for Alliance, they couldn’t quite make anything happen on the map. NGX were quick on their toes to counter any attempted pick-offs and Alliance ended up losing their flow. NGX’s coordination were on point and MinD_ContRoL did a great job in controlling their enemies with his nasty Vacuums and Walls. 

Miracle-’s Rampage closes the series

Miracle- had an amazing start to his lane, shutting down the enemy's mid Queen of Pain, soaring high on his gold with double of QoP’s net worth. That was already a bad sign for Alliance as their early space maker..  ended up needing a space for himself with that huge disadvantage.

At some parts of the game, Alliance managed a good hit back at NGX, who at moments got a little too comfortable. The worthy trades gave Alliance a break from the constant pressure but it wasn’t enough to stop their opponents.

NGX was so dominant that they started pushing into Alliance’s high ground by the 24th minute. Alliance attempted another teamfight initiation but NGX responded well, even earning a rampage for Miracle- in the final moments.

It seems like the Nigma Galaxy we knew a couple of weeks ago have gradually found their footing, as they grabbed another series win after the unexpected triumph against Secret. This boosts their placing to the middle of the bracket, and we probably could hear sighs of relief from their bootcamp.

Alliance, on the other hand, is in a really tough spot. They’re not confirmed for relegation just yet, but if they can’t recover the next couple of matches, they would find themselves in Division II.

Nigma Galaxy now sits at the middle of the WEU DPC standings
Nigma Galaxy now sits at the middle of the WEU DPC standings

Looking forward to more WEU DPC matches? The next set of series will take place on January 8:

  • Tundra vs Coolguys
  • OG vs Team Tickles

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