With a prize pool of $1M and sixteen invited teams, this is all we know about Peru’s next LAN event with Tier 1 invited teams.

Elite League Season 2 repeats the formula they used for the past one: A modified Swiss-stage before the group stage, sixteen teams participating, and a millionaire prize pool. ESB, the tournament operator, organized a press conference to share more details on their LAN event. This season is taking place in Lima, Peru; with six teams already qualified.

With $800,000 USD already on the line, they are adding an extra $200,000 as team incentives. This, like many extra details, will be clarified in the coming days through social media. The offline event goes from July 25 to Aug. 4. However, teams will play in front of an audience only for the last three days. The tickets will be available starting tomorrow, at USD 21 (80 PEN).

Which teams will be playing the Elite League Season 2?

This new season takes place on the same dates of the Snow Ruyi Invitational, a big LAN event in China. As a result, teams like Xtreme Gaming, Team Spirit, Nigma Galaxy, and more won't be able to play in Lima. Yet, many Tier 1 teams are still available, and some were announced during the press conference. These are the teams playing the Elite League Season 2:

  • Team Liquid
  • Tundra Esports
  • OG
  • PSG Quest
  • Shopify Rebellion
  • BOOM Esports
  • Three more teams TBD

After the closed qualifiers, these are the six teams that secured the single slot for each region:

  • Evil Rabbit (China)
  • Execration (SEA)
  • MOUZ (WEU)
  • Yellow Submarine (EEU)
  • Apex Genesis (NA)
  • Infinity esports (SA)

Venue and ticket price

ESB chose the ESAN Convention & Sports Center for Elite League's Season 2, a location property of a local university. This venue will welcome 1,100 people, with an extra space outside for 400 people to sit together and enjoy a watch party. This space will be part of a fair where ESB will offer merchandise, brand experiences and more.

Starting on August 2, tickets for each day of the event will cost approximately $42 (160 PEN), $63 (240 PEN), and $84 (320 PEN). However, the watch party, which will take place at a separate location, will have more affordable prices of $21 (80 PEN), $31 (120 PEN), and $42 (160 PEN).

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With three teams close to be announced, it's exciting to remember Peru's passionate and young crowd ready to roar one more time. Follow esports.gg for more updates on Elite League Season 2!