The EEU Playoffs witnessed familiar names on top of the viewership chart.

After the 2nd DPC season concluded, Valve announced a last-minute EEU Playoffs to determine the final Stockholm Major attendees. In a span of 6 days, we witnessed gruesome Dota 2 action in a fight to join the next Valve LAN event.

According to Esports Charts, the EEU Playoffs gained quite a number of viewers. The event accumulated 157K Peak Viewers across all platforms with an average of 85K viewers. Despite a short air time of only 51 hours, the EEU Playoffs had a massive record of Hours Watched. In total, the tournament gained 4.3 million Hours Watched, standing on top of other regions’ DPC seasons except for Western Europe.

EEU Tour 2 Playoffs was the 2nd most watched Dota 2 event in the second season. Source: Esports Charts

From the tournament bracket, can you guess which series was the most popular?

Most popular matches of EEU Tour 2 Playoffs. Source: Esports Charts

Well, contrary to the typical Grand Finals being the climax of a tournament, the most popular series happened in the Lower Bracket Semi-Final between NAVI and Team Spirit. The game was the center of the attention for EEU playoffs with 157.4K Peak Viewers. It was a highly anticipated matchup between the TI10 champions and Dota 2 veterans, but the youngbloods on Spirit firmly grasped the series 2-0. Team Spirit also had the highest number of average viewers throughout the EEU Playoffs, reasonably so for their current TI-winner status.

In the top 5 most popular matches of the tournament, NAVI dominates. NAVI has a lineup of Dota 2 veterans, fielding names like No[o]ne- and Solo. They looked incredibly good going into the Playoffs and despite dominating the viewership chart, NAVI did not dominate the tournament. They fell in the hands of CIS Rejects – a relatively new team with a lineup of star players.

Speaking of CIS Rejects..

CIS Rejects was the most-watched team of the EEU Tour 2 Playoffs

CIS Rejects has notable players in its lineup including prodigy RAMZES666 and former Alliance captain, fng. With the promising lineup, a lot of fans look forward to their performance, however, CIS Rejects did not make it to the Stockholm Major. They dropped to Mind Games 1-2 in a close battle for the final Major slot.

The Stockholm Major is fast approaching with only 5 days left before the event begins. This Major will witness the birth of a live crowd after ages of LANs with empty stadiums. However, with Chinese teams absent from the Major, only 14 teams will battle it out at the LAN event instead of 18. We’ll keep you updated on the upcoming Stockholm Major.

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