MinD_ContRoL kicked from Tundra Esports mid-DreamLeague Season 22 cover image

MinD_ContRoL kicked from Tundra Esports mid-DreamLeague Season 22

MinD_ContRoL just had a bizarre departure from Tundra Esports.

Ivan "MinD_ContRoL" Ivanov just announced that he was kicked from Tundra Esports during the ongoing DreamLeague Season 22. Many hesitated to believe the shocking statement but Tundra Esports is indeed currently playing in the tournament with a stand-in. No MinD_ContRoL in sight.

The Bulgarian offlaner took to Twitter/X to drop the bombshell. MinD_ContRoL posted: "(Looking for Team) just got kicked before the match." The post received a lot of confused and baffled replies from the Dota 2 community including popular personalities and players.

(via <a href="https://twitter.com/MinDcontRoLDotA/status/1762110333563379934">Twitter/X</a>)
(via Twitter/X)

MinD_ContRoL suddenly departs Tundra Esports

Tundra Esports fields a notable lineup of Dota 2 players, and one of them was the TI7 champion, MinD_ContRoL. He joined Tundra Esports on January 8th and have played in three qualifiers together. This DreamLeague Season 22 would mark his first official tournament with Tundra Esports - but it lasted a single day.

On the second day of Dreamleague Season 22's group stage, Tundra Esports started playing with a different offlaner. MinD_ContRoL is no longer playing with Tundra Esports and in his place is Vladislav "laise" Lais as a stand-in.

While we could theorize that this is a temporary change-up, Liquipedia seems to reflect otherwise. Under the Timeline tab on Tundra Esports' Liquipedia, it is stated that MinD_ContRoL is removed from the team. He is also no longer on the "Active Player Roster" list.

Liquipedia reveals MinD_ContRoL's removal from Tundra's roster.
Liquipedia reveals MinD_ContRoL's removal from Tundra's roster.
MinD_ContRoL is no longer on the active player list of Tundra Esports.
MinD_ContRoL is no longer on the active player list of Tundra Esports.

MinD_ContRoL's replacement comes without any announcement from the organization. There is no reason disclosed from Tundra and we are left to wonder what actually happened in the middle of the tournament.

The International champion previously departed his long-time home, Nigma Galaxy, to join Tundra. And this recent departure means that MinD_ContRoL's journey with Tundra lasted lesser than two months.

The reason of departure revealed

UPDATE: MinD_ContRoL appeared on Gorgc's livestream to talk about the situation. It appears that the reason for the sudden departure is a conflict of captaincy in the team. It is also revealed that MC made an ultimatum to the CEO of Tundra to choose between him or zai and MoonMeander. It appears that Tundra made their choice and this led to the offlaner departing mid-tournament.

Tundra Esports releases statement regarding the situation

UPDATE: Tundra Esports finally breaks its silence and posted an update regarding MinD_ContRoL. It confirmed that MinD_ContRoL is indefinitely suspended pending an "internal disciplicary investigation". The org explained that they were notified by MinD_ContRoL that "he would no longer participate and represent Tundra unless unreasonable demands were met."

This story is still developing. We will continue to update this article with new information. Until then, stay tuned to esports.gg for more Dota 2 news and updates.