The Lima Major: Lethal Position 2 players to keep an eye on cover image

The Lima Major: Lethal Position 2 players to keep an eye on


The most lethal Position 2 players to look out for at the Dota 2 Lima Major.

The first season of the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) 2023 is done and dusted, with the focus now shifting towards the first Dota 2 major of the year – The Lima Major 2023.
The first ever South American DPC Major, The Lima Major 2023, will boast eighteen teams from across the globe contesting for the bragging rights – a $500,000 prize pool and 1900 DPC points.
Each team will fight a battle on multiple fronts, but only one will eventually win the war. The outcome depends on the players’ performance, and today we take a close look at those players who can change the game single-handedly.
Note: Only two mid-players make the list this time around.

Abed (Shopify Rebellion)

(Image credit: Valve)
(Image credit: Valve)
Abed "Abed" Yusop is one of the most successful Southeast Asian export to do well in a different region. He has quickly cemented himself as one of, if not the most, lethal and versatile mid-laner the game has seen in recent times.
Staying true to his character, Abed tops every other mid-laner across other DPC regions with the highest stats. He averages a 10.10 K/D/A, outsmarting not only other mid-laners across regions but also surpassing every player in North America.
You heard it right! Abed is the most successful player in the DPC NA 2023 Tour 1: Division I.
If you look closely, Abed has mostly played Tiny, Outworld Devourer, and Tusk – signifying his innate hero prowess and versatility – different from the usual meta heroes. It indicates that Shopify Rebellion is attempting to add its flavor to the meta.
Abed’s involvement in team fights has allowed his teammates to create more space for themselves, especially Arteezy, and thrive in the mid-to-late game and an assist rate of 13.79 indicates exactly that.

Nisha (Team Liquid)

(Image credit: Valve)
(Image credit: Valve)
Michał "Nisha" Jankowski’s trajectory as a Dota player has been tremendous, to say the least.
From his early days at Team Kinguin to being recruited at Team Secret and subsequently flourishing under Clement “Puppey” Ivanov’s leadership, finishing second and third at TI11 and TI10, respectively, joining Team Liquid in DPC WEU 2023 and dominating from the get-go – that’s the Nisha factor.
Nisha, under Puppey’s tutelage, is a great gift to Dota. His growth has quickly cemented him as one of, if not the best, players to grace the competitive scene.
Joining Team Liquid after finishing second at TI11 was a surprise to all Team Secret fans although the switch paid dividends. After finishing third at TI11, Team Liquid was in search of a replacement for the outgoing Matumbaman and Nisha seemed to be the perfect fit.
At a 9.63 K/D/A, Nisha has enabled Team Liquid to navigate the DPC WEU 2023 Tour 1: Division I with ease. It has allowed Team Liquid to utilize Nisha’s huge hero pool to its advantage and simultaneously take pressure off of Micke.
Nisha’s addition has also helped Micke to switch to his favorite role – position one. Playing unusual and squishy heroes like Shadow Fiend, Sniper, and Zeus at mid and outplaying the enemy is no easy feat, especially in a region as cutthroat as West Europe.
Speaking of unusual heroes, Leshrac has also made an appearance on Nisha’s list along with Tusk, Batrider, Kunkka, Ember Spirit, and Invoker.
Talk about being versatile, eh?
His strength can be simply put as aggression and awareness – two Polish(ing) traits which make Nisha a lethal adversary.

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Karan Rathod
Karan Rathod