Fans spectating TI12 in the Climate Pledge Arena can get their hands on the exclusive Crimson Witnesses Treasure! Here’s how to get it.

The International 2023 (TI12) final weekend is upon us and Valve just released information regarding the Crimson Witness Treasure drops! Find out where and how to access the exclusive treasure below!

In the latest Dota 2 news entry, Valve presents a guideline for fans attending TI12 live in the Climate Pledge Arena, Seattle. The post also underlined how fans on-site can grab the exclusive Crimson Witness Treasure for TI12.

What is in the 2023 Crimson Witness Treasure for TI12?

Since 2016, Valve has made it a tradition to reward fans on-site at The International Main Stage. Those who attend the event live and witness first bloods can get their hands on an exclusive treasure called the Crimson Witness. This treasure usually features revamped old Immortal sets with the addition of blood-red particles.

In the 2023 Crimson Witness Treasure, there are seven updated Immortals.

  • Dark Seer - Insight of Forlorn Precipice of the Crimson Witness
  • Underlord - Emerald Subjugation of the Crimson Witness
  • Templar Assassin - Seclusions of the void of the Crimson Witness
  • Centaur Warrunner - Infernal Cavalcade of the Crimson Witness
  • Enchantress - Flutterstep of the Crimson Witness
  • Nature's Prophet - Monarch of the Sapphire Glen of the Crimson Witness
  • Witch Doctor - Awaleb's Trundleweed of the Crimson Witness

How to get the Crimson Witness Treasure drops

If you own a TI pass and will be inside the Climate Pledge Arena in Seattle, you can get the treasure and the additional drops! This exclusive treasure is only for those who are attending the event in the arena.

TI12 crowd in the arena can get the exclusive Crimson Witness Treasure drops!<br>(Image via Valve)
TI12 crowd in the arena can get the exclusive Crimson Witness Treasure drops!
(Image via Valve)

On-site fans need to first locate "swag bag stations" inside the arena. Go to one of the stations and scan your TI pass to earn a swag bag. This swag bag is an exception to the arena's bag policy for re-entry, so don't worry about bringing it inside and outside the arena!

In the swag bag, there will be instructions, a URL link, and a code. Using the link and the code, you will be able to link your Steam account to automatically get one treasure. You will also get additional drops with each first blood that you spectate throughout the TI final weekend.

Can you get the Crimson Witness Treasure from home?

Fans watching online will not be eligible for the treasure drops. However, this item is tradable (from October 29 onward) and is available for purchase from the market at a hefty price.